Here Are 5 Shocking Facts You Definitely Don’t Know About Ivanka Trump…

By Missy Jackson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-03-07

“That 70’s Show”

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In 2006 she dated leading cast member Topher Grace. She finally settled down with hubby Jared Kushner in 2009.

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Ivanka auditioned for the role of Cosette in Les Miserables- but she didn’t get the part. Turns out there were much bigger roles (and bigger stages) on her horizon.

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She danced at the Lincoln Center when she was younger-in The Nutcracker. We bet she had no idea that she would one day dance at her father’s inaugural ball.

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“The Bachelorette”

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Ivanka turned down being the bachelorette saying at the time “it in no way furthers my objective of being a great real estate developer.” (We think she may have bigger plans now!)

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Fiercely Competitive

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Ok, this one might not be news to anyone- but it is still awesome. Ivanka is a fighter and like her dad, she knows how to win. She just proved that to all those who tried to boycott her.

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