Somewhere between the success of the Cuba Gooding Jr. driven series, The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and the looming release of the former NFL star, there are rumors that O.J. Simpson may be in line for a reality show.

The 70-year-old was granted parole last Thursday after serving nine years for a conviction of armed robbery. Insiders report that “Everyone in town is shopping him a reality show.”

“The question will be if that’s a provision of parole not to do media,” said the insider. “It would be odd because he hasn’t bothered anyone in the media. He would have to get permission from parole to do that.”

Insider Reveals O.J. Being Shopped For Series

O.J. Simpson | Photo Credit Page 6

Page 6 reports:

“Dozens of companies across a variety of networks are said to be pitching ideas. If reality TV doesn’t work out, he’ll have a steady job signing autographs and taking photos with fans.”

“He’s still paying the $33.5 million judgment handed to him in the civil case involving the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He walked free on murder charges in 1995.”

“Being away from your family isn’t worth it,” an emotional Simpson said during Thursday’s hearing, and his family is patiently awaiting his return.”

O.J. Simpson Released After 9 Years In Prison

O.J. Simpson | Photo Credit Showbiz

The New York Times reports:

“Whether or not the four board members believed [Simpson], they voted unanimously to grant him parole when he first becomes eligible on Oct. 1, after nine years in state prison on charges stemming from a 2007 armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room.”

“Appearing on a video link from Lovelock Correctional Center, Mr. Simpson spoke to the board in Carson City as, officially, just another inmate who looked like a good bet for release, a 70-year-old who has been a model prisoner and has no other criminal record.”

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