Trump’s Tweet Just Hinted At A HUGE Twist In The Case…

Russian Hacking False says Julian AssangeJulian Assange. Photo Credit: CARL COURT/GETTY IMAGES ‘Russian Hacking’ has been a phrase you’ve undoubtedly heard repeated dozens and dozens of times since the election.

While the Democrats are always looking for a NEW person to blame, the most damning confession just came to light… from the person you’d least expect to step up!

President-elect of the United States Donald Trump took the side of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a tweet last Wednesday.

The former enemy of the Republican National Committee for leaking confidential information has become an unexpected ally during the “Russian hacking” investigations.

Trump quotes Assange in his tweet – “A 14-year-old could have hacked Podesta” – and blamed the Democratic National Committee for not investing cyber security. Podesta is his rival Clinton’s campaign chairman, who received a tip on possible questions from then CNN commentator Donna Brazile.

Not from Russia

The controversial emails from the Democratic National Committee were published on Assange’s website, WikiLeaks. The founder of the site has been firm in stating that the emails did not come from Russian hacking. The Obama administration insists that they are 100% certain that Russia had a hand in the leaks.  

Assange was quoted saying that “Our source is not the Russian government. It is not state parties” – suggesting that the emails came from private entities. While sources for WikiLeaks are left anonymous, Assange is certain that Russia was not involved.

Republican Reactions

Russian HackingVice President-elect Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan. Photo credit: CAROLYN KASTER/AP

Assange has denied allegations from the FBI and present administration that WikiLeaks received the leaked emails from Russian hacking. Recently reelected House Speaker Paul D. Ryan believes that it was the other way around.

The Republican representative does not seem to side with Trump. Ryan called Assange a “sycophant for Russia” and alleged that he was the one who gave the emails to Russia.

Meanwhile, Trump’s stand on the issue is backed by his Vice President, Mike Pence. Pence joined his running mate in criticizing the integrity of American intelligence agencies and their possible partisanship. Republican leaders in the House of Representatives are also backing the leaders of the next administration.

Mr. Pence said that their doubts are based on Trump’s “very sincere and healthy skepticism about intelligence conclusions”.

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