Traits of Rottweiler Puppies That Indicate the Kind of Dogs They Will Become


[VIDEO:] Eyebrows, eyes, and gums can very well tell the kind of dogs Rottweiler puppies can become. Watch this to learn more about common mistakes in choosing a pup…

Credit: Allfordogs

Dog lovers are always drawn to Rottweiler puppies that seem so behaved; whether that’s shy or too friendly that first encounter.  But, these are a few of the common mistakes in choosing a pet. No surprises here because animal lovers are easily attached to pets who are drawn to them without much effort.

Traits to look for

Since the physical aspects of a Rottweiler puppy changes on a weekly basis, here’s what you should look for to find that perfect Rottweiler adult:

coat shiny and primarily black in color with mahogany or rust markings
ears have a triangular shape and fold down and forward
eyes almond shape, the darker the better
legs muscular and straight, with the back feet being slightly longer than the front feet
gums pink
teeth white

Observe and Inquire

It’s nice to have that puppy that lets you hold them; but make sure you handle with care, of course.  The puppy shouldn’t be eagerly friendly or dominating among the rest of the puppies. Chances are, it will be a domineering dog.

The mother’s breeding frequency is also crucial. Puppies that are produced on the third breeding or afterwards are prone to health problems. So, inquire and ask to meet the parents, if possible.

Check the back legs to make sure that there’s no sign of being disfigured. Dysplasia is common with large dog breeds and will cost you a fortune during treatments.

Eyes with discharge are a sign of sickness. Opt for another puppy choice to make sure you’ll get a healthy one.
Rottweiler puppies

First-time Owners must be Cautious

Getting a Rottweiler puppy requires a lot of responsibility. Your whole household will change, certainly for the best!  Family members should be informed and interested in doing their part to nurture the additional member of the family.

These guidelines for a new dog owner are a must to know what you’re getting yourself into:

  1. Breeder must be a responsible one. Stay away from unsanitary kennel facilities. Puppies should look healthy and strong.
  2. Dog temperament, size and health become apparent when seeing the puppy’s parents.  If not easily granted, find another breeder.
  3. Unruly behaviors must be observed. Acting like a bully during its young life might be difficult to change.
  4. Do not judge too quickly. Separate the chosen one from its sibling. It will act differently.
  5. Say no to the extrovert puppy jumping to you first. It will compete even with your children for attention. Also say no to the overly shy puppy tucking its tail. It can be aggressive with strangers.

Do not leave without the “deworming” and vaccination records so you’ll know how to proceed in taking care of the new Rottweiler puppy. When the records are in place, your own veterinary will know what to do next.

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