In an ongoing video series, dog-loving website  has given a very special pooch the opportunity to participate in “Dog’s Best Day” and bask in 24 hours of pampering. Named Cherry Garcia, the chosen pooch was among the more than 50 pit bulls who were removed from an illegal dog fighting ring set up and maintained by NFL quarterback Michael Vick at his Virginia property back in 2007.

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Since 2010, Cherry has been fully rehabilitated and is now living with a loving and supportive family. Most people assume that any dog that was a part of a fighting ring should be put down, but it is important to remember that they are the victim in the situation and with enough love, care, and attention these dogs can fully recover. If you met Cherry today you would never believe that he was once trained for violence, as his current loves include swimming, playing, and snuggling kittens.

“Cherry just loves his kittens, he has two cats now and he loves to play with them,” Paul Fiaccone, Cherry’s owner, told BarkPost in the above video. “Every time he’s around kittens, it’s like all the stress goes away. He would definitely love to be a kitty nanny for a day.”

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Cherry’s recovery, both mentally and physically, has been astounding, and offers further proof that pit bulls, or any dogs for that matter, are the product of their environment. Aggressive dogs have been raised to be aggressive, and this learned behaviour can be unlearned, too. These dogs deserve a second chance and luckily, the good people at Best Friends Animal Society agree.

This group, based out of Utah, took in a whopping 22 of the former fighting dogs raised by Vick, including Cherry of course, and called the pack “Vicktory Dogs” because they made a commitment to changing these dog’s lives around for the better.

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It is so heartwarming to to see that Cherry made a full recovery!

“Watching him with our 2-year-old son and our newborn daughter is something more special than I could ever describe,” Fiaccone told  in 2014. “He is always keeping an eye on them and he loves them so much. It’s hard to think of my son without having Cherry in the picture.”

Fiaccone also added:

“We have learned so much from Cherry. This is a dog that had chemicals poured on his back, forced to fight for his life, and flat-out tortured, yet he keeps moving forward, he doesn’t have a rearview mirror. He doesn’t look at himself as a victim, he looks at himself as a survivor.”

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