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Sure, you walk your dog when you have time. How about regularly? Is it a good walk? A beneficial dog-walking activity is on a concrete alley. This is where you can freely stroll on the side walk and the nails of your Pit Bull are being groomed too.

See Keanu Reeves walking with his gorgeous pet at a populated street. Very possible with a trained one indeed.

Remember this. If you ever need to clip your pit’s nails, you’re not doing the healthy dog-walk as often as needed. However, to be able to confidently and safely do this, make sure your baby is obedient enough. Review these steps to see how you can improve your Pit Bull’s obedience training.


Step 1 is more for you.

Pit Bulls are sensitive dogs. They can feel you more than understand your commands. Train your dog when you’re absolutely sure that you can exude confidence and patience. Being rude to your dog can make him hate training. Choose a durable short leash attached to a comfortable but firm collar. Be the leader of the pack. Lead him to go inside, outside, walk and sit – followed by a reward. It doesn’t have to be a treat. It can be anything he likes.

Step 2 is to know more about your dog.

Daily walks are a necessity. Let him master the basic commands by practicing a lot. Reward his compliance immediately with treats, a clicker, praises or belly rub. You should know by now how to pamper him.  Never utter the command twice. This is to keep him alert at one command.

Step 3 is to redirect excess energy.

A Pit Bull can have a lot of excess energy and it can prolong the training process. He could end up chasing other dogs or other such things. You can easily redirect excess energy by playing with him in a secluded area first before training.

Step 4 is to make him sociable.

Encourage your dog to be social early on. When he’s socialized properly, he won’t be too excited or aggressive towards strangers. 

Step 5 is to make him aware of what displeases you.

Your dog’s inappropriate behavior shouldn’t be encouraged. Let your dog know when he’s doing something wrong by saying NO firmly. Once he’s confident that he’s doing things right, he will find joy in obeying you. Don’t forget to give him rewards or show approval when he does something right. 

Step 6 it’s you and him finally.

Play with your Pit Bull during free time. When you shower them with love and attention, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal dog. They will hate to displease you after all your efforts.


Look: busy first couple Barack and Michelle Obama can let their Pit Bull named Lipstick behave well on stage. It’s tough train a pitbull to be obedient to you. However, showering your dog with love, attention, and time can definitely help them to become more obedient.

After all your efforts, you can now walk your dog with your head up high. The obedient Pit Bull will be poised and obedient to you. You will have a dog that people aren’t afraid to go near to. It will definitely be something to be proud of. 

Sources: DailyMail/ VanityFair

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