Taking the long way home


Everything I wanted to share about Petra’s story is in this video. She was rescued by Save a Greek Stray in May 2015. She was one of the many stray dogs in Greece that survive on their own out there. Her recovery from mange and leishmaniasis was amazing, her narrative ran viral and yet she withed two long years to find her forever home. She is still not a healthy dog, and likely never is likely to be. The illness and the heavy treatments have left her with injury kidneys and other problems that I don’t genuinely want to mention. She will be carrying her past forever, and Laura knows that. She knew all about her when she decided to adopt her, and yet she never second guessed her decision. For me, Petra was one of the most important dogs that have crossed my path. She was my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye, and I am still not sure how my routine will be without her from now on. A friend once used to say every dog that comes to your life has a specially shaped place in your heart, and after it is gone , no other puppy are to be able to fill this place, because the shapes will never match. Nobody will ever fit into Petra’s place in my heart, so in a way, I will always carry her with me. Huge thanks to Save a Greek Stray for trusting me in training her and giving me a chance to tell her story.