Raj and Claire at a wine tasting by avclub.comRaj and Claire at a wine tasting by avclub.com

The Big Bang Theory features the classic stereotype of nerdy guys who can’t get women.  While it’s a running joke throughout the show, it proves to be untrue.  We observe Howard with the short, curvy, and smart Bernadette.  Leonard snags the hot and popular blonde Penny.  Even Sheldon manages to find a soulmate.  And then we have the unlikely womanizer Raj.  Here is a list of all of Raj’s female pursuits by season.

Season 1

  • In episode 6 The Middle Earth Paradigm, Raj attends a party at Penny’s where he picks up Cheryl, dressed as a ladybug.
  • 2 episodes later in The Grasshopper Experiment, we meet Lalitta Gupta.  Raj’s parents pair them together for a date after the two knew one another from childhood.
  • Raj’s last pursuit is Missy Cooper in episode 15 The Porkchop Indetermination.  He goes to ask our Sheldon’s sister but is unable to speak so he turns away.

Season 2

  • Summer Glau is on the same train as the guys in episode 17.  Howard is working up the courage to talk to her while Raj grabs a beer and starts a conversation.  He runs away when Howard points out the beer is non-alcoholic.

Season 3

  • Abby appears in The Psychic Vortex (EP12) as Raj’s hook-up when he and Sheldon go to a university mixer.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton hooks up with both Leonard and Raj in episode 21 while she is staying at Sheldon’s apartment.

Season 4

Raj did not have any romantic interests in season 4.

Season 5

  • The first Emily appears in episode 4 as a deaf girl.  Howard translates for them on their date and Raj really likes her but Emily just uses him as a sugar-daddy.
  • In episode 14 Raj falls in love with Siri on his phone. Needless to say, this did not end well.

Season 6

  • Raj meets Lucy in The Tangible Affection Proof after attending a Valentine ’s Day party for singles. Lucy likes his speech and the two end up in a weird relationship where Lucy keeps jumping out the window.

Season 7

womanizerRaj and Emily Sweeny by bigbangtheory.wikia.com

  • Janine Davis enters in The Hofstadter Insufficiency in the season premier.  Raj attends a work social and first insults Janine and then apologizes and the two have a nice conversation.
  • Yvette is the vet whom Penny and Leonard take Cinnamon to see after the dog ate chocolate.  After the examination is over, Yvette hands Raj her number.
  • Emily Sweeney is the longest relationship Raj experiences over the course of the show.  She enters in The Friendship Turbulence in episode 17.  After meeting Raj on a dating site, she meets him in person.  Raj then breaks up with her in season 9 episode 15.

Season 8

This season is a continuation of his relationship with Emily

Season 9

  • Raj meets Claire at the comic book store in The Meemaw Materialization.  He compares her to Elsa in Frozen and the two have a more casual relationship. Claire is the reason behind Raj breaking up with Emily.

Would you consider Raj a womanizer?

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