It seems Sadie Robertson sparked the re-launch of a Christian magazine called Brio. She’s on the cover!

Brio MagazineSadie Robertson is on the cover of the re-launch edition of Brio Magazine (photo via Brio) Brio shut down in 2009, but now that Sadie is on the cover, they’ve made a comeback. But this time, Focus On The Family is backing the ‘zine with full support.

And old fans of Brio are pumped. Here are some the things fans have said about the re-launch.

“As a 27-year-old, whose mom had Brio sent to her MANY years ago, I was so glad to see Brio is back to enhance and enrich the lives of teen girls who need to see Christ’s light in their lives,” said a woman named Heather.

Heather actually met one of her best friends through the publication’s pen pal program. She even recently met that friend in-person at the friends wedding, all because of this magazine.

“I hope y’all bring back the pen pal program!” she said. “I know my pen pal and I will be lifelong  long friends, all because of Brio.”

A woman named Pam is excited to show it to her granddaughter.

Brio was such a positive magazine for my daughters when they were teens,” she says. “They are now in their 30’s. I will now order it for my granddaughter and nieces. A wonderful, godly alternative to what the world offers, to help them learn about true beauty and worth.”

For others, it literally changed their lives.

Sadie attaches her face only to the best and respectable content

“This magazine changed my life!” a woman named Janel writes. “I had an eating disorder when I was a young teen; Brio Magazine was one of the life-changing factors that God used to pull me out, bring perspective on my identity as a Kingdom of Heaven Daughter and bring me closer to Himself.”

And Sadie’s is a part of bringing back this life-changing publication. Thank you, Sadie, for lending your image to such a great magazine.

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