We’re back with more Big Bang Theory games! Some of these games are very strange and others you wouldn’t be able to play. Unless you had access to a lab. Let’s jump right in!

4. Secret Agent Obstacle Chess: I wouldn’t touch this one.

How to Play:

While the basics of chess seem to remain the same, prior to a player making a move, they must navigate through a series of laser beams that are only visible when sprayed with a mist (http://www.cbs.com/)

5. Research Lab: “Research Lab” is a board game created by Sheldon where the tagline reads, “The physics is theoretical, but the fun is real.”

Credit: http://www.cbs.com/ Credit: http://www.cbs.com/

How to Play:

The board features spaces that are configured into the shape of the Bohr model of the atom. To make a move, you roll the dice to move onto a space, where you can you draw a card that benefits you, hurts you, or hurts other players.

These hurtful outcomes include disasters such as a nuclear meltdown, industrial accident, and/or a loss of a retina by staring into a helium-argon laser. Benefits include a renewal of a Department of Defense research grant (http://www.cbs.com/)

6. Chutes and Lawyers: Ha! This is funny!

How to Play:

The rules were described very simply as, “You slide down a chute and then work your way back up through the appellate system.”

7. Mystic Warlords Of Ka’a: Only Sheldon can make World of Warcraft even more challenging.

How to Play:

Similar to the rules of “Magic: The Gathering,” this card game pits player against player in an attempt to reduce the opponent’s health and, ultimately, win duels and battles.

Each card has a rune (color) and rank (number), where higher ranks and runes overrule lower ones. When one of the players has their health reduced to zero, they lose (http://www.cbs.com/)

8. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock: I love this one!

How to Play:

Like “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” this game adds the elements of a lizard and Mr. Spock. Each player has to choose a variable and display it at the same time as the others are playing. This is done until a winner is determined.

The trump order goes:

• Scissors cuts Paper

• Paper covers Rock

• Rock crushes Lizard

• Lizard poisons Spock

• Spock smashes Scissors

• Scissors decapitates Lizard

• Lizard eats Paper

• Paper disproves Spock

• Spock vaporizes Rock

• Rock crushes Scissors

9. Elements Letters: I hated learning about the periodic table.

How to Play:

One player begins by saying an element, then the other player says an element where the first letter starts with the last one that the first player said.

For example, player one says “helium,” which ends in “m” and means the next player could say “mercury.” That would mean player one would have to come up with an element beginning in “y,” and so on (http://www.cbs.com/)

10. Trestling: Who doesn’t love Tetris?

How to Play:

Players must play a game of Tetris with one hand while wresting their opponent with the other. The winner is the first to beat the other in either.

11. Emily Or Cinnamon: This hilarious game was invented by Howard.

How to Play:

A leader gives a quote and the other players must decide if it was something Raj said to his girlfriend Emily or his dog Cinnamon (http://www.cbs.com/)

For example: Quote: “I want you to know the bed feels so lonely without you in it.”

Answer: Cinnamon

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