7 Uplifting Photos Of Working Dogs Who Are Saving Lives


Every dog owner understands how truly wonderful these four-legged creatures are. We know the lengths they go to make sure we are happy. And we know the lengths that we’ll go for them. However, many dogs offer more than a snuggle buddy or family companion. They are out there, hard at work, providing both companionship and a working role with their partner. Today, we are going to celebrate these dogs with jobs by looking at some incredible photos of dogs at work while we explore their many jobs.

Veterans and Those With PTSD

Jenny and her PTSD dog Keirra, a rescued German Shepherd, ©Canine4Hope

PTSD dogs are a type of service dog that work with veterans and others who are suffering from PTSD. They are specially trained to key into the mood of their owner and detect signs that he or she is about to experience a symptom of PTSD.

When they sense those early signs, a PTSD dog will nudge, lick, and paw at their human. They stay focused on their human as they try to distract them from the trigger that is causing the anxiety to occur. 

In addition, PTSD dogs help draw their humans outside and into the world, something that many veterans avoid. By having a trained companion close by, veterans can begin to get out and they will have a dog that helps them navigate the world around them. 

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