In today’s world, we tend to think more about protecting our family. When you think of guard dogs, you might gravitate to German Shepherds, Dobermans, or Rottweilers. Yet, it’s these unassuming dog breeds that catch intruders off-guard. Though they appear harmless at first glance, they are both unique and protective with children. Some of the dogs listed may seem more like gentle giants but don’t let that fool you. Their sense of loyalty and intuition makes up for what they lack in appearance. 

The Great Pyrenees Is Protective With Children

The Great Pyrenees are big family dogs

Bred as a livestock guardian, this powerhouse develops strong bonds with children and makes an ideal family-friendly companion. If an owner takes the time to thoroughly train this pup early in life, the Great Pyrenees will keep the entire family out of harm’s way. Truly a gentle giant, this dog can grow to at least 100 pounds.

The Neapolitan Mastiff Is More Than A Saggy Face

Neapolitan Mastiffs protect the family

A Neapolitan Mastiff is quick to bare its teeth when unwelcome visitors enter its territory, especially if he stays in an outdoor yard. When not warding off uninvited guests, this big family dog will challenge its owners to see if they really love him. If they pass, he will guard them tenaciously. The Mastiff is known for being a second parent and guardian of children whenever mom and dad need to leave home. 

This Fluffy Bouvier des Flandres Is A Fearsome Guardian

Bouviers are great with children and love attention

This fleecy looking pooch looks more like a pedigreed show dog rather than a strong-willed fearsome guardian of children. However, you should never underestimate the loyalty and protective countenance of a Bouvier des Flandres. This naturally intuitive breed is extremely aware of its surroundings, which proves beneficial for sensing potential danger from strangers. Among its own family, though, the Bouvier shows a much more loving side.

The Komondor Cleans Up As A Family Guardian

Komondors are protectors in sheep’s clothing

Viewed as the giant mop of the canine world, this white corded pup looks like a defenseless furball. But stranger beware, as the Komondor is deceptively territorial. Bred to protect livestock from potential predators, this dog turns into a force of nature when it senses a threat. Although she acts menacing toward outsiders, this breed’s loyalty toward its family and the little ones is indisputable.

There’s no doubt that dogs truly are man’s best friends. The underlying beauty of these unique beasts is their ability to protect and serve the family that loves them. So, did you picture these unique characters as being protective with children? You might want to reconsider the next time you see one who needs rescuing. 

Thinking of adopting more than one rescue dog? Check this first.

Which would you choose for your family?

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