What Every Owner Ought To Know About Adopting More Than One Rescue Dog


If you decide to get one four-legged friend and you have the room, you might consider adopting multiple rescue dogs. There are pros and cons to every consideration of adopting multiple rescue dogs. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the companionship benefits in having a multi-pet home.

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Additional Companionship With Multiple Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs
New best buddies

I think we all agree, rescue dogs can be loyal and compassionate friends. They provide good company and snuggle with you at just the right time. There’s nothing that brings a smile to your face quicker than the comforting interaction of your rescue dog. I’ve found my mood changes in an instant when my dogs lay their heads on my lap.

What about you? 

With multiple rescue dogs, you never lack for companionship, because when one dog jumps off the couch another one is ready to take his place. Am I right? 

Built-In Playmates 

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Though you love your rescue dogs, you can’t be available to interact and entertain them every minute of the day. Two or more dogs, especially rescue or shelter dogs, provide additional companionship to fill that gap. When you have multiple rescue dogs, who get along, life gets easier. They play together, helping to keep boredom and lack of stimulation at bay. With consistent activity, your chances of behavioral issues drop. Having multiple dogs may help reduce or prevent separation anxiety when you have to leave home for an extended period of time. When dealing with puppy and adult dog personalities, there are no behavioral guarantees. Be alert to the interaction between the dogs and quickly correct behavior not conducive to the pack.

You Feel Better With Multiple Rescue Dogs!

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Your health is positively impacted when a dog enters your life. Having more than one dog doubles or triples that impact. Playing with and walking your dogs provides great exercise, which promotes good health and clarity of mind. Let’s face it, the more dogs you have the more active you tend to be. Increased activity helps to reduce your stress level as it enhances your mood and self-worth. 

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How many dogs do you currently have? What’s your biggest challenge?