What is a road trip without music?

Constant silence, that’s what.

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Yes, it’s nice to have stretches of road with no noise, the windows down, and the smell of the fresh outdoors invading your truck cabin or car corridors.

But let’s be honest — that can only last for so long before you have to turn on the tunes.

Whether it’s from coast to coast, Texas to Nashville, or from your home to a music festival, you need music. It’s scientifically proven that music helps you focus, says CBS News. And you’ve got to focus while driving — for the sake of safety and directions!

Plus, you’ll lose your mind after hours without music. That’s anecdotally proven.

We don’t want you to be bored out of your mind on your next road trip. We don’t want you to have a silent car ride. So here are 10 songs that we highly recommend you bookmark before you leave.

“If It’s The Last Thing I Do” — Montgomery Gentry

“If it’s the last thing I do
If it takes me from Tubilo to Timbuktu
If it’s the last thing I do
I’m gonna dodge every road block, speed trap, county cop
To get my hands on you
If it’s the last thing I do”

“East Bound and Down” — Jerry Reed

“Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin’
We gonna do what they say can’t be done
We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there
I’m east bound, just watch ol’ Bandit run”

“Amarillo by Morning” — George Strait

“Amarillo by morning, up from San Antone.
Everything that I’ve got is just what I’ve got on.
I ain’t got a dime, but what I got is mine.
I ain’t rich, but Lord I’m free.
Amarillo by morning, Amarillo’s where I’ll be.”

“Highway 20 Ride” — Zac Brown Band

“So I’ll drive
And I think about my life
And wonder why
That I slowly die inside
Every time I turn that truck around right at the Georgia line
And I count the days and the miles back home to you on that Highway 20 ride”

“Long White Cadillac” — Dwight Yoakam

“Train whistle cries
Lost on its own track
I close my eyes
Sitting in the back
Of a long white Cadillac”

“Country Roads (Take Me Home)” — John Denver

“Country roads, take me home
To the place where I belong:
West Virginia, mountain momma,
Take me home, country roads.”

“Wagon Wheel” — Old Crow Medicine Show

“I made it down the coast in seventeen hours
Pickin’ me a bouquet of dogwood flowers
And I’m a hopin’ for Raleigh
I can see my baby tonight”

“Good as Gone” — Little Big Town

“On a lost highway
I don’t know how I got where I am
Take the next Splits-ville exit ramp
It’s like a cheap vacation
One I thought we planned very well
Now we’ve checked out of the Lovely-love hotel
Don’t try to tell me it ain’t what it is”

Enjoy the road trip!  Can you take us along too?!?

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