Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon


When Pink Floyd released Darkside of the Moon in 1973 the world was oblivious to what the album would become. 

Following the release of the album Darkside spent a record 741 weeks on the Billboard Top 100 charts.  Pink Floyd created the progressive rock genre as fans of the album all interpreted the songs in different ways.  The famous album became a living, breathing music animal ever evolving from 1973 until today and beyond.  Years of listening to Floyd’s symphony results in the memorization of the lyrics, yet oftentimes the songs sound new.  Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon became the signature album of a group now widely regarded as geniuses.  Their music has progressed and changed over the years in complexity of sound and lyric, but Darkside rests at the core of the band’s popularity. 

In 1971 Pink Floyd was gearing up for a world tour following the release of the album, Meddle. Unfortunately, even though the band was preparing to leave, their ties to an old friend still held them at home.  Though, Floyd was without founding member Syd Barrett since 1968, emotions lingered with respect to their dear friend.  Barrett was kicked out of the band for a ravenous LSD habit which was slowly causing him to venture into the depths of insanity. 

While Pink Floyd toured in 1971 the band began experimenting with ideas for their next album; during these shows Darkside Of The Moon had begun.  Recorded at the world famous Abbey road studio, Pink Floyd began their journey into an album following the struggles of life from beginning to end as the album begins and ends with a heartbeat.

Roger Waters felt gong into the tour that it was time for the band to to address the topics in their music much more directly. 

His vision pushed Floyd from the outer fringes of general complexities where their music mainly focused in the past.  Waters saw Darkside of the Moon focusing on the pressures faced we face and deal with everyday.

Beginning with “Speak to Me” and “Breath” dealing with the normal and often boring existence of life. Moving through “Time” and “Money” with both the futility and greed existing in this one life.  Following through to “Us and Them” and “Brain Damage” which are both allusions to the mentally ill and the lingering memory of their friend at home Syd Barrett.

Pink Floyd’s Darkside of The Moon remains genius recorded as beautifully composed rock music.

Pink Floyd’s Darkside of The Moon is one continuous album from start to finish.  There are no breaks between songs as the recording created a masterpiece equivalent to a rock symphony.  This album pushed the borders of rock and acid-rock into an fourth dimension of existence.  Pink Floyd’s Darkside traveled so far outside the realm of normality the progressive rock genre was created to categorize Floyd and whatever boundary burners were to follow.

Today Pink Floyd is synonymous with the highest levels of rock ingenuity and creativity.  Crafting progressive rock that remains unmatched in classic rock, rock, or any other genre to this day.  The loss of Syd Barrett influenced some of the bands greatest achievements, though their friend never climbed out of the darkness.  Darkside of the Moon remained on The Billboard Top 100 Charts for 741 weeks from 1973-1988.  Pink Floyd is rock royalty, influencing so much of rock forever.  Undeniably, Pink Floyd’s Darkside Of The Moon is the greatest album of all time.





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