Tim And Faith Surprised Walmart Shoppers With THIS Incredible Act Of Kindness


In one seriously sweet gesture, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill showed that it is better to give than to receive. In one of the feel-good holiday stories of the year, the country power couple reached out to those less fortunate. Thanks to their generosity, some lucky fans had a very special Christmas.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Wide Open Country)

The Season of Giving

Christmas is the season of giving. It’s the time of year when we celebrate love, unity, good will, and generosity. Tim and Faith definitely embraced that.

Walmart shoppers near Jacksonville, FL were in for quite a Christmas surprise. Thanks to the generosity of Tim and Faith, when the shoppers showed up to claim their Christmas layaway, they discovered the bills had already been paid. The pair actually took care of $5,000 in layaway costs.

According to local Action News Jax, Tim McGraw’s mother actually carried out the plan. She paid off the layaway balances, as well as handled out cards with cash inside. Jessica Lumpkin was one such lucky shopper. She told the news agency she didn’t have anything on layaway, but Betty still gave her a card with $30 in it. Another shopper, Deborah Jackson, said Trimble was excited to play Santa.

The cards simply read, “Merry Christmas, Tim McGraw + Faith Hill and Family.” Those with layaway bills had a receipt included showing the balance was paid.

Even more impressive was the quietness of the gesture.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from www.k923orlando.com)

A Quiet Gesture

Aside from the local press picking up the story, Tim and Faith didn’t do a big social media announcement. They simply extended the gesture in a quiet manner, befitting of such a gift.

In fact, few details were provided as to why Tim, Faith, and Betty chose this particular store. Trimble lives near the Walmart, which is actually in Macclenny, FL. She also attended Terry Parker High School in Jacksonville, so she does have ties to the area. But it doesn’t seem the stars want more publicity about their gift.

Tim and Faith seem quite grounded, despite their fame. And it seems they’ve never forgotten where they came from— or what it’s like to be less fortunate. What a perfect time for them to show that to the world. Their Christmas gesture embodied everything the Christmas season is about.