5. “Is There Life Out There?”

Interestingly, this song barely charted in the Top 10 in its 1991 release. In her live performances, however, McEntire made this a huge hit. It was a chance for her to show real strength in her voice and to don dazzling attire. Besides, who doesn’t love lyrics like, “I might have been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was my name!”

3. “Only In My Mind”

This song absolutely showcases the flawless country voice that is Reba‘s alone. And interestingly, it is her only single that she solely wrote. Released in 1985, it still stands apart as one of her most amazing vocal performances.

2. “Whoever’s In New England”

This sad love ballad about a woman waiting for her man to return to her. The video to this song was as much of a force as the song itself. This single also helped to widen McEntire‘s audience and cement her standing as the Queen of Country.

1. “You Lie”

This is a stunning vocal performance that is heartbreakingly beautiful. As Billboard described it, “It had every ingredient for McEntire magic — a dramatic melody that allowed her voice to soar into the stratosphere in the stunning chorus, and lyrics that showed a woman who knew that a relationship was over — and wanted to be set free.” It’s a gorgeous song that has withstood the test of time.

Reba certainly has plenty of hits in her four decades of music. But her older songs are beautiful, and they take us back to a time in country music in which a pure, pitch-perfect voice was the artistry. You’ll notice that the songs are not heavily produced or stylized. It’s just authentic vocal magic. And it’s purely Reba McEntire.

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