Nobody Was Expecting Tim McGraw To Say THIS About The Sexiest Man Alive


Blake Shelton’s Sexist Man Alive title may be the only thing of the last year more divisive than the presidential election. Social media has exploded with opinions on the matter and there is no shortage of haters. But Shelton has a few heavy hitters in his corner, defending his sexiness. And as the Beatles once sang, he ‘gets by with a little help from his friends.’

Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw (photo from Q Political)

Sexiness Defended

The mean tweets started immediately after Shelton’s title was announced. Social media was so flooded, the self-deprecating country star even began reading them online. But that how it goes; “haters gonna hate.” Aside from his loyal fan base, some big name country stars have also come out to defend Blake’s sexiness.

One such voice is Tim McGraw’s. And where you find Tim, you find Faith Hill. The two recently appeared on the nationally-syndicated radio show, “Ty, Kelly & Chuck.” 

Blake’s title actually came up as a topic because it turns out that several of the show’s fans were quite assertive that McGraw should have the title instead of Shelton. The “Humble and Kind” singer read one of the fan tweets.

We all know that Blake Shelton is not the sexiest man alive, especially in country music. We know that nobody holds a candle to George Strait or Tim McGraw, so how about we redo the Sexiest Man Alive thing?

After a hearty laugh, McGraw was quick to come to Shelton’s defense. Sort of.

Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw (photo from Taste of Country)

Sexiness… Sort of

After his chuckle about the tweet, Tim came to Shelton’s defense. “I think Blake is pretty sexy.” Ok, so not exactly a ringing endorsement. But still a defense. 

Faith also added her two cents to the conversation. “He has a great sense of humor, and that is sexy,” she said.

Fair enough, though that may not be what People had in mind when they conferred the title on him. Regardless, both Shelton and his friends seem to be amicable. As one of the radio hosts noted, “The best part is, [Shelton] was just in here and he totally will take this and he loves it.”

Tim agreed. “When you’re the sexiest man alive, you can take anything.” True that.

So should Blake or Tim have the title? Let us know your vote in the comments.