Look What Shania Twain Is Officially Doing Next…


Apparently a brand-new album going straight to the top wasn’t enough for Shania Twain this year! The country-pop megastar is back, this time on the silver screen!

Shania Twain (photo from people.com)

The Big Screen

According to Variety, Twain will be locking lips with John Travolta in his new film, Trading Paint.

Variety describes the film as thus: “Travolta portrays a down-and-out dirt track racing legend who is drawn back into the winner’s circle after his son, an aspiring driver, joins a competitor’s racing team, and incites an intense and dangerous competition between father and son.”

Country Rebel reveals that Twain plays Travolta’s girlfriend. According to their article, the two share quite a bit of screen time…and plenty of on-screen smooches. According to their joint interview with “60 Minutes Australia,” the two have been friends for years. In fact, it was his request that she play his girlfriend.

When ribbed that it must be difficult to kiss a friend, Travolta replied, “Oh, I think it’ll be very easy!”

Luckily, you don’t have to wait to see Shania on the screen.

Shania Twain (photo from AskMen.com)

The Small Screen

In addition to her new role in Trading Paint, Shania is soon appearing on the small screen.  Television, that is.

According to People, Shania is guest-judging the October 23rd episode of the ABC dancing competition reality show, Dancing With the Stars.

According to their reporting, all the dances that night “will pay homage to iconic dance moments in film history.” Past performances include dances choreographed in tribute to Dirty Dancing and Slumdog Millionaire

In addition to her judging, Twain will perform “Soldier.” This is one of the tracks from her new albumNow

Now is her first full-length album release in 15 years. It hit big sales just the first week of its release. People quoted her response to the music:

“I discovered things in my voice that I didn’t know were there. Things that I just hadn’t tried before, because I wasn’t forced to try them. Almost out of compensating for the things that I couldn’t do, I inadvertently discovered other elements of my voice.”

Now is definitely a new sound for Shania, but so are her film and television roles. To quote her new song, “All in All,” “I’m still myself, but I’ve changed.”