A bizarre new series of rumors is making the rounds online concerning Disney’s upcoming sequel to the smash-hit Frozen. The 2013 film is the highest-grossing animated film of all time. It is the scourge of parents across the globe, so it was inevitable that a sequel would be greenlit, but if the rumored changes taking place are true, it could leave audiences dismayed.

The original Frozen is often praised by critics and parents alike for its girl-empowering message. Unlike most traditional stories involving fairy tale princesses, Frozen shows Anna and Elsa as two strong-willed leads who don’t need the love of a man to give their lives fulfillment. Yes, Anna does find romance with Kristoff, but it’s not a driving part of the plot, and in the end, it’s the love between two sisters that saves the kingdom of Arendelle.

The Death of Queen Elsa

Frozen, ElsaImage Credit: Disney

The first of the so-called “rumors” making waves this week involves the possible death of signature character Elsa. GamenGuide gives no source for their reporting, but says that some reports indicate Elsa will die in Frozen 2 “after falling off a cliff.”

This seems highly unlikely considering Elsa’s status as a lead character and a role model for a generation of young girls. Disney has never shied away from killing off family members in their animated films, usually parents (Bambi’s mom, Simba’s father, Elsa & Anna’s parents), but it would be an unprecedented move to eliminate one of the first film’s most recognizable characters in such a manner.

Certainly, Disney should realize that killing Elsa is extremely traumatic to young viewers. For that reason alone, it be incredibly surprising if this story turns out to be true.

Anna Comes Out

Since Elsa had no love interest in Frozen, many online have been pressuring Disney to reveal in the sequel that Elsa is gay. It would be an amazing opportunity to give the film a more modern reflection of our current world, as well as providing support to children growing up with lesbian parents and those old enough to recognize their own sexuality.

One of the wildest new rumors though, claims that Disney is planning to expose one of the sisters as a lesbian — only, instead of Elsa, it will be Anna.

Allegedly, Anna will find herself falling in love with Elsa after discovering that she is “the illegitimate daughter of the late King and Queen of Arendelle.” A jealous Anna will develop fire-based powers of her own to counter Elsa’s frozen abilities and will seek to overthrow the queen and take the throne for her own.

Much like the rumors of Elsa’s possible death, this is all highly unlikely. First of all, Disney would be taking on the huge risk of offending the evangelical market by bowing to pressure and revealing one of the sisters is gay. Even if they did take that bold step, making Anna the lesbian character makes little sense. Anna is already in a heterosexual relationship with Kristoff — it’s Elsa who has expressed no romantic inclinations at all so far.

Furthermore, creating a storyline wherein Anna falls in love with her sister would be incredibly offensive. Even if one of them is an “illegitimate” child, that would still make them half-sisters. This is Frozen we’re talking about here, not Game of Thrones.

Keep Your Salt Shakers Handy

Disney has yet to comment on any of the above rumors or the wild story that Idina Menzel (Elsa), Kristen Bell (Anna), and Josh Gad (Olaf) have left the Frozen 2 production. Until then, it’s best to keep an open mind and realize that if it sounds too bizarre to be true, it probably is.

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