5 Epic Reasons That Prove Reba Is The Queen Of Social Media


1. She knows just how to unwind after a long day

The Queen of Country is the queen of social media. With some absolutely epic tweets, Reba¬†proves that the only thing that matches her angelic voice is her hilarious sense of humor. Lucky for us, she isn’t shy about sharing it.

That is one serious down-home combination. Pork-and-beans (barely out of the can), a PBJ, and a beer. It also looks like there are some olives in the mix. Of course, any country soul appreciates pork-and-beans. It’s like a food group in the south.

2. She appreciates irony 

When her friend said her horse was ugly, she named it Fancy. Whether or not the name served the horse well is unclear, but it certainly became an important word for Reba. Plus, don’t we all just love that she barrel-raced with those curls?

3. She’s completely real

Not many stars are willing to show what they really look like– but Reba posts it for the world. And how endearing is the caption “when glam ain’t done.” The only thing that matches it is that fantastic cape she’s wearing.¬†

4. She admits her crushes– and knows how to tease

What is @melissapeterman doing with my man crush???? #mancrush

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Apparently, Channing Tatum is hers. And could she have come up with a more clever way to deliver it? It’s also hilarious that she used the hashtag “mancrush,” which Urban Dictionary reminds us is typically used to jest about one man’s adoration of another. The Queen just owned that term.

5. She loves her mama– and can rib her

The fact that her mother is painting her nails in the car shows the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And don’t you just fall in love with her mother because of it? Reading the “Steady Nellie” with Reba’s voice in mind makes it hysterical. Besides, haven’t we all wanted to say something like that to our mother?

These are just a few of the examples of how funny and endearing Reba is. It’s no wonder that she had her own television show for so many years. And if you were a fan, you remember how charming “Reba” was. There are rumors it may return, which would be fantastic. But if it doesn’t, thank goodness the Queen of Country has social media to keep us entertained.