So, Sunday the FBI announced that Hillary is not going to be charged with anything, again, after announcing the other day they found 650,000 emails they had to sort through.

Photo Credit: The political InsiderPhoto Credit: The political Insider

One has to wonder what the FBI is going to find tomorrow, or next week, or the week after.  It won’t matter either way since neither Hillary nor Director Comey are going to face any consequences for their blatant incompetence and complete mishandling of Scandal Number 967 (estimated) from the Clintons. 

The rollercoaster ride propelling over the virtual mountains of emails has people shaking their heads in disbelief, trying to figure out the timing and motivation behind the email inquiry and the FBI’s collusion.

I don’t find it all that baffling.  It’s obvious, and Comey’s reason for clearing her again is contained within this latest letter.

Comey first cleared Hillary back in July, even though she lied repeatedly and sent classified documents illegally.  But, since she didn’t mean to do it, she wasn’t criminally liable.  To sum up; according to Comey, Hillary didn’t break the law because she’s a fool, and being a fool doesn’t disqualify you from running for president. 

For Hillary’s supporters, this translates into a “win,” and her campaign had plenty of time to spin the facts resulting from the investigation, including the downplaying of all those lies and ignorance.  It seemed as if the story had played its course, and as with many, many other Clinton boondoggles, it was time to “move on,” thanks to Comey indirect endorsement.

Someone forgot to purge a laptop, however, and with such a massive number of emails, not even Comey could keep the lid on their existence. 

If he waited to do something until after the election, the delay would have been too hard to explain … and if it came out that he knew about them before the election, he may have ended up facing charges.  He had to take action, and he made a rather lukewarm and vague announcement of a new investigation. 

The meltdown of the Left was immediate as was the glimmer of hope on the Right.  Trump and his supporters changed their speeches to make political hay out of the news.  Comey, who was once praised by the Hillary camp, became a target and was suddenly and viciously accused of playing politics … which he was naturally innocent of doing back when his decisions were of benefit to them.

But, neither side anticipated just how much effect this new investigation would have, and as the polls shifted over this past week, showing an unprecedented bump in Trump’s favor, something had to be done.  And Comey, who showed his intention back in July to protect Hillary, had to protect her again.

This brings us to the Sunday letter. 

While it was significant in that it let Hillary off the hook yet again, there was something even more important contained within the whole statement.

Assuming it were believable, even if it were possible, to sift through hundreds of thousands of emails in a week’s time, the FBI does not and should not conform to the Presidential Election Calendar.  Comey even said in his letter that they’d been working around the clock, and he thanked his people for the extraordinary amount of work done.

So … what was the rush?

The original investigation into the emails took months.  Did the FBI hire speed readers this time?  Did they have some deadline they had to meet?  No.  Nothing should have compelled them to complete an investigation two days before an election, but they did.

Why?  For what purpose?  Was there any need to get through all of those emails before Tuesday?  Influencing an election one way or another is not the concern of the FBI.  To care about its effect on an election is not the function of the FBI.

Hillary would have been just as innocent or guilty after the election as she was before it.

The only reason to complete the investigation before the election was to affect its outcome.

And if that’s not the definition of “political motivation,” then nothing is.

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