3Jep and Jessica Robertson are not happy with just their TV show, Growing the Dynasty. They want more.

Jep and Jessica Robertson recently announced some very exciting news about their new project (photo by etonline.com)

They recently announced their new big project in partnership with the nation’s largest advertiser-supported podcast network, PodcastOne. 

That’s right! Our Duck loving days are here to stay. 

They’ve decided to start their own podcast, The Jep And Jess Show. 

But it’s NOT just starring Jep and Jessica – Miss Kay and Phil Robertson will be featured on the show!

It’ll be a year-round weekly show that will include “candid conversation about marriage, family and faith.” The topics will span from hunting to food, pop culture to what’s hot in fashion. You’ll recognize some of the voices too. Miss Kay and Phil Robertson will reportedly cameo, as well as other celebrities. 

The Jep & Jess Show, a new weekly podcast by the couple (source: PodcastOne)

The unique thing about this show is that fans can ask Jep and Jess questions by calling in or tweeting.

“‘The Jep and Jess Show’ is all the things you don’t know about us… behind the cameras!” Jep and Jess announced. “We’re so excited for our fans to be able to take a look — or listen — to find out what life is like behind-the-scenes in the Robertson family. We share our passions, our realities, and our intimate stories about faith, food, and family.”

Likewise, the founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, is elated to welcome the Robertsons to the network.

“Jep and Jess have found a real fan base in reality TV, which is exactly what we look for when launching a new podcast,” Pattiz said. “Their fan base, their family and their social media will add up to deliver big numbers for this podcast.”

This is another great way — besides Duck Dynasty and Growing The Dynasty — to get to know the baby boy of the Robertsons and his wife. 

To catch “The Jep And Jess Show,” visit PodcastOne every Wednesday for a new episode. 

photo by @jessicaduckwife via instagram.comBack

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