Reba McEntireReba McEntire is set to start teaching courses with MasterClass, an online educational system where students can learn from the greats in multiple categories (photo from WJBD)

Reba is here to teach you how to do country music. For real. She’s going to be a teacher.

The online education website MasterClass recently announced that Reba will join the organization’s team — which included Christina Aguilera, Kevin Spacey, and Dustin Hoffman, to name just a few — as the country music teacher.

“I love to learn from other people so working with MasterClass, being able to share some of the lessons I’ve been taught is exciting!” McEntire said. “For the first time, I’m getting to offer up what I believe makes a killer song, my vocal techniques, and some tidbits I’ve experienced throughout my career. Country music is relatable music. It’s all about how people live, day in and day out … it’s their life stories. I hope that my MasterClass encourages people along in their own adventure in music.”

For just $90, anyone can learn directly from one of the most accomplished country stars of all time. She’s the one of the most successful female recording artists of all time. The member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry has quite a list of awards and accolades:

  • 15 American Music Awards
  • 13 ACM Awards
  • 9 People’s Choice Awards
  • 7 CMA Awards
  • 2 GRAMMY Awards
  • An ACM Career Achievement Honor
  • The National Artistic Achievement Award from the U.S. Congress

In her first MasterClass, she’ll be taking apart her hit song, “Fancy,” and will show others how to make it in country music. She’s set to cover storytelling, connecting with your audience, basic singing and performance, vocal warm up, song selection, brand building, and the business side of being a musician. Not only has she conquered music, she’s done well in TV, film, theater, and even retail. People know her just by “Reba.”

“I’m doing this MasterClass for anybody who is interested in getting into the music business,” Reba says in a trailer for the class. “We’re going to be talking about how to sing, what to do while you’re on stage, how to pick out a song.”

MasterClass’ description of Reba’s course says it pretty well:

“You know her songs. Her Oklahoma charm. Now learn from one of the most decorated country singers of all time. In her first-ever online class, Reba teaches you what it takes to make great country music. Learn her vocal warm ups, performance techniques, recording process, and career strategies. Join her as she breaks down a never-before-heard song and creates a new acoustic version of ‘Fancy.’”

MasterClass “offers online classes created for students of all skill levels,” says their website, and their instructors are “the best in the world.”

Well, when it comes to country music, they sure got the best in the world.

Check out the official trailer for her MasterClass:


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