DIY Rope Crafts prove that ropes, beside their practical use, can be used for various crafts as well.

Ropes are a good material for craft projects because of their appearance and texture. Especially if you’re using jute or hemp rope, your DIY rope crafts will look like they came from a furniture shop.

And now may be thinking, “Yes, but it’s not like I can make something like that at home.” I’m telling you, you can make these DIY rope crafts at home in no time.

And no, these craft projects will not require a lot of time to make nor will you be needing a lot of materials. (Mostly, you will just be using a lot of hot glue or industrial-strength adhesive.)

Note: Don’t use those plastic ropes when using hot glue.


Let’s start with the basics. (I mean, all your going to need is the rope itself and a glue gun.)

You can use a cardboard to cut out a circle if you think you need it. Simply roll your rope into a spiral, making sure that all sides of the rope that gets in contact with one another has hot glue. The end.

Use ropes that has natural fiber (jute, hemp), or those that look like fabric for best results.


If you think you’re indoor planters are getting boring, and you think you need to replace them, DON’T!

Just get them out of the house (or on your work area), and gather your supplies. For this particular project, you will need a glue gun and thin ropes. Make sure to use the size of rope that will complement the size of your planters.

You can also make this procedure using your cheap glass vases (your mom will kill you if you make this with her precious antique vases). If you don’t have an indoor planter yet, purchase some cheap earthenware or rummage your recycle bins for tin cans.

You don’t need to cover the bottom of your vase because it might affect the way the planters stand. But if you want to, just make sure you apply hot glue evenly. You can also just press the bottom of the glass on a flat surface before the glue dries.

When covering the body, you don’t have to put hot glue everywhere, unless it’s not cylindrical or if your using a thicker rope. Just glue one end, wrap the rope tightly around the planter, and seal the other end with the glue gun.


This will be very easy. Get a boring box, an old bucket, or your hideous laundry basket. Next, bring out your glue gun or adhesive, and your chosen rope.

Just glue your rope around your chosen box or bucket and… YOU’RE DONE!

If you’re using one of those laundry baskets with grid, you can just weave your ropes on it. This way you will have an authentic-looking basket.


Believe it or not, these ottomans can be made using the old tires from your garage or your friend’s.

If you believe me, you know what you’re going to do: Wrap the rope and glue it on the tire using glue gun, or any glue that would stick to rubber.

But what to do with the top area? Place several thick cardboards cut into circles, or any sturdy piece that is circular in shape. Glue this in place.

After this, just cover the top with the rest of your rope.

You now have gorgeous seats for your porch or backyard.

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