Grandparents are some of the most important people in a child’s life. Kids always look up to their grandparents, as if they were some superhero in a movie, so setting a good example is a must. To ensure your grandkids the happiest family environment, there are some things you need to stop doing. Let’s face it, sometimes you tend to cross over the line when it comes to spoiling your grandkids. Here’re a few guidelines if you will.

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Never Play favorites

Let’s not deny it. Grandparents always have their favorite grandchild. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t love the others just as much. Using special endearments with your favorite grandchild is a bad idea. Keep it neutral so your other grandkids don’t become envious and distant from you or your favorite.

Never Badmouth family members

No matter how furious or frustrated you get with your kids, never say words you might regret especially if your grandkids are within earshot. Kids nowadays can easily pick up and follow what the adults are saying. As they say, “monkey see, monkey do”.

Don’t break your kids’ rules secretly

Breaking the rules set by your kids will not only make your kids furious at you but also they will feel that their authority was being undermined in front of your grandkids. If your little angels are not allowed a piece of cake at night, then stick to it. In that way, your grandkids will have the rules set by their parents instilled in their minds and obey them without being asked.

Never compare your grandkids to one another

Your grandkids have their own capabilities. Refrain from comparing them. If you noticed one of your grandkids may be a better musician or student, you don’t have to mention it. They are already aware of their differences.

Don’t Buy major gifts without consultation

Whether if it’s a smartphone or a remote-controlled toy car, always consult with the parents. And remember, no pets. Even if your grandkids promised to be responsible enough, this needs to be discussed seriously with the parents. Pets require a huge responsibility. Pets are for life and not just for Christmas.

Stop guilt-tripping everyone

Stop giving ultimatums to your kids just because you wanted to spend the holidays with your grandkids. It is not entirely fair for the grandkids either. Holidays only come once a year, so if your kids decided to spend it in Disneyland with your grandkids, respect it. Your grandkids can always visit you anytime of the year.

Please, Grandparents, no surprise haircuts

Haircuts are a big deal for your little angels and need to be discussed with the parents first. Do not surprise your kids with the latest bob cut or One Direction hairdo.

Do not criticize appearances

Whether it is your grandkid’s appearance or someone you saw on television, do not criticize. This will lower your grandkid’s self-esteem and teach them to be judgemental. Instead, compliment them on how beautiful they carry their selves.

Don’t force beliefs on your grandkids

Yes, you want to your grandchildren to be raised the right way. But you should allow your grandchildren to determine their own spiritual beliefs or even their political beliefs.

Refrain from suggesting baby names

Parents are always excited about naming the baby. This is a very personal experience for them, so hearing other people’s opinion is quite difficult. Stop yourself from suggesting names, give this chance to them – and them alone!

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