With Abraham gone and her relationship with Spencer gone sour, could Rosita fall into the arms of Eugene? Actress Christian Serratos is good either way.

After standing on the sidelines for several years on The Walking Dead, Rosita seems to be finding her place this season. Not only is the character taking a stand against the Saviors, but the actress who plays her, Christian Serratos, even got her name in the opening credits for the first time this season.

After Abraham left her last season in a fairly heartless manner, she began a relationship with Spencer. Then she had to witness Abraham’s brutal death at the hands of Negan. Now she and Spencer seem to be on the rocks. Could Eugene be the next person she falls for?

Mad at the World

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In the last episode, Rosita actually seemed a little angry with Eugene. The two have frequently been at odds, but Serratos says this time it’s not just Eugene. “Well, I don’t think she’s necessarily angry with him. I think she’s angry in general,” she says. “I think that she’s upset — there’s lots to be angry about. We’re seeing it now, and whether that manifests itself in a positive way and propels her forward or if it destroys her, we’ll find out this season.”


Brother from Another Mother?

Rosita and Eugene have spent a lot of time together on the road with Abraham. It’s resulted in an odd, almost hard-to-describe relationship. “Her relationship with Eugene is very interesting,” says Serratos, “because he’s somebody she’s always been in charge of. When Abraham was here, when it was Abraham’s army, Eugene was still her charge. I think she has this sort of love/hate, almost sibling-type of relationship with Eugene.

I think a lot of the time, you know, as a human being, she feels like sometimes she doesn’t need somebody in that way. She has a mission, she knows what she’s going to do when she leaves those gates. She knows she’s going to have to go look for that gun. And she just doesn’t want to have to worry about the responsibility of keeping him alive when she has a mission to accomplish.”

Regardless, Serratos does admit that Rosita likely harbors some resentment that Eugene isn’t stepping up to help. “She knows that’s possible, because Eugene has saved us multiple times, in a very specific way to Eugene, but he has,” she says. “So she knows he has it in him. I don’t think she underestimates him at all.”

Eugene + Rosita

As odd as it may sound, Eugene and Rosita do end up together in The Walking Dead comic book. Serratos doesn’t know if the show will go down that path, but she’s happy either way. “I don’t know. I mean, the writers on this show are amazing,” she says. “And the comic book is amazing. If that is the way that the show went, then we would embrace it, and it would be awesome.

However, if they decided to veer from the comic books, which we do so often, I think it would be for a good reason. Either way the wind blows, I’m fully committed to just doing it well and making the fans as pleased as we can.”

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