Big Bang Theory Renewal

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With news of The Big Bang Theory renewal, TBBT fans can now rest assured they’ve got two more seasons left of laughs with the TBBT gang. After 10 years a lot has changed. New relationships, new plot lines, new jobs- these characters have been through a lot. It’s fun to look back and remember the old times. Here’s a new TBBT fan favorite episode: The Isolation Permutation.

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The Isolation Permutation is the fifth episode of the eighth season of Big Bang Theory. In this episode, Amy’s feelings are scarred after she finds out her two best girlfriends have gone wedding dress shopping without her. 

Five seasons later, Amy has really come into her own. She no longer feels as awkward or uncomfortable with Bernadette and Penny. However, back in season 5 she still had a lot to learn. When Bernadette brought up wedding dress shopping Amy didn’t realize that offering her dead cousin’s bridal party gowns wasn’t the best choice.

Sheldon and Amy Cuddle

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This episode was particularly important because it showed a softer side of Sheldon. When Amy was upset by the wedding dress debacle, Leonard tricked Sheldon into going over to comfort her. Amy explained that shew as craving physical comfort, and after some negotiation, Sheldon agreed to cuddle her.

They snuggle on the couch and it’s an adorably perfect Sheldon and Amy moment. We could see the love truly growing in this episode. Sheldon even comes to Amy’s side, demanding the men convince Penny and Bernadette to apologize.

Amy’s The Maid Of Honor

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After Amy proceeded to get drunk and beg Sheldon for coitus, the girls finally resolve the problem. Bernadette returns to Amy’s lab and asks her to be the maid of honor. Amy immediately forgets all depression and gets excited about wedding planning.

This episode is classic because it shows the weird side of Amy, the adorable side of Sheldon, and the loyal side of all of the friends. Do you remember this TBBT fan favorite episode, The Isolation Permutation?

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