Diy Halloween Decors from Dollar Store Items Part 2


The number of DIY Halloween decors you can make from dollar store items are practically endless. All you have to do is be creative.

Admit it, some Halloween decor from the dollar store won’t spook anyone. But you can change this using some craft supplies and a little effort.

Here’s some DIY Halloween Decor from dollar store items that have been spookified by many notches:

Halloween Skull Wreath

Ever looked at plastic or styrofoam skulls from the dollar store and got creeped out? No? You’re not the only one.

Make a creepy Halloween wreath by using wires, glue gun and dollar store skulls. The first thing you need to do is to paint the skulls black.

I haven’t seen a real skull that is black, but black fake skulls are creepy especially if the paint used is matte. Shiny black paint will make it look even more fake.

Bend the wire using pliers and string the skulls on it. Put glue gun between the skulls to prevent the skulls from breaking apart. When you have covered the ring with the skulls, lock the ring by twisting the ends.

Apply a bit of glue and put a small amount of glitters on the skulls’ foreheads. Read a full tutorial here.

Ominous Raven Wreath

The second wreath in this list. Such spook. Much scare. Wow. 

You probably use fake ravens from the dollar store as decoration by just randomly placing them on your porch. But did you know that you can make spooky arrangements using these fake birds?

You can read a tutorial on how to make the DIY Halloween decors pictured above here. Basically, the blogger just glued the ravens on a styrofoam ring.

You can make many variations of this wreath using fake ravens and some other items. You may also incorporate fake ravens in most of your Halloween arrangements.

For example, you can perch some ravens on your Jack O’lantern arrangement or your Halloween table centerpiece. If you put faux tombstones in your yard, you may also incorporate these fake ravens.

Spooky Halloween Candle

These DIY Halloween decors are such a unique Halloween project idea.

For this project, you will need glass containers, black paint, rag, X-Acto knife, pictures printed on paper, mod podge, and candles.

The first thing you need to do is to paint/spray paint the glass containers black. Before the paint dries completely, wipe the glass with the wet rag to create an old, frosted effect. Do this process for each glass.

Next, cut the eyes from the black and white photos of people printed on paper. You want the creepy black and white photos available on the Internet. Be sure to print the pictures using toner-based or laser printer.

After cutting the eyes from the pictures, decoupage them on the glass containers one by one. Finally, put the candles in the glass containers and light them up.

This will be perfect as dining table centerpiece or living room decor during the Halloween season. Skip the steps where you cut the eyes out from the picture and use your family photos to create an all-year decor.

Read a step-by-step tutorial here.