A 13-year-old in Fort Lauderdale Florida has recently produced his own television show. If that isn’t impressive enough, the show is aimed towards children and will teach them all about yoga and meditation.

Wuf Shanti

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Wuf Shanti is the name of the new children’s television show set to air on the Children’s Television Network this year. The show follows a large life size dog named Wuf Shanti, who will teach viewers Yoga poses, and meditation techniques. However, the subject matter isn’t the only unique thing about this show.

Adam Avin is only 13-years-old, and yet he’s the producer of this groundbreaking production. Adam wanted to keep his great grandfather’s mantras alive. The mantras are:“Smile and the world will smile with you,” the kindness mantra; “smile and say thank you,” the gratitude mantra; and “think well to be well,” the positive thinking mantra.”

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Adam’s show will spread those thought processes by teaching children yoga and meditation through a puppet dog. The Children’s Television Network, which is currently expanding from 15 hospitals in the united states to 170 hospitals, as well as other streaming services, picked the show up because of its subject matter and delivery. CEO, Donnie Vick, said, “It gets kids moving and start thinking about their body…What I really like is that it’s delivered by someone closer to their age rather than a 35-year-old delivering the message. Because sometimes kids like to hear things from other kids.”

Humble Beginnings

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So how did a 13-year-old end up pulling off such a great production? Wuf Shanti started as a Kickstarter campaign and has grown to have over 50,000 Facebook followers. Adam Levine even gave the project a shout out, telling his fans, “What a cool way to teach kids yoga. Go back this Kickstarter from an amazing kid!”

We love the idea of teaching kids yoga through a medium that speaks to their own development and world view. Would you let your kids watch Wuf Shanti?

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