Imagine five little girls all dolled up in matching dresses. Each one with their blonde hair tied up in pigtails with matching ribbons streaming down their curls. They are anxious and all ready to go to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. They would be nothing short of adorable. 

Then it hit me.

They are going to go eat a feast in their pretty new dresses, that I made for them. Cranberry sauce, chocolate pudding, and gravy stains danced through my mind. All of a sudden my wonderful plan for dressing up my girls for Thanksgiving no longer seemed like a good idea. In fact, it was feeling more like I was dressing them up to send them into a food fight.

That’s when I had a stroke of genius. I’ll make Thanksgiving “Gobble T-shirts.”

What is a “Gobble T-Shirt”?

In short, it’s a giant bib for any kid that thinks he, or she, is too old to wear a bib. And yet, still manages to stain their clothes. In fact, they are also great for the little guys sitting in a high chair. It won’t keep food out of their hair, or off the floor, or out of their neighbor’s hair, but at least their clothes will be salvageable.

Did I mention my kids absolutely loved them? And they looked adorable. They were the hit of our family gathering.

Here’s how to make a Gobble T-shirt for your children or grandchildren.

  • Begin with a large T-shirt. We went ahead and bought new shirts. You could just as easily use ones you have on hand. The idea is that you want it big enough to cover them down to the top of their knees. Small men’s size works great for most kids under ten. You want to be careful not to have it too big, or else it will just be cumbersome and end up in their food.
  • Decorate for Thanksgiving. This is the fun part. Enlist the children’s help. Have each child put their hand on their shirt with their fingers spread open wide. Now using fabric paint, or marker, trace around each finger and the palm of their hand. You have just created a turkey for them to decorate. My kid’s made their turkeys look more like peacocks. 
  • Add your personal touch. I put each child’s name on the back of their shirt. We were going to a large family gathering. There would be older aunts and uncles there, who don’t see them regularly. This way, they along with anyone suffering from memory issues, could call them by name–which makes everyone feel good.
  • Give it a humorous flair. This is where the shirts got their name. I wrote “gobble gobble gulp” all over each one. For the little boys, I also added “gobble gobble gulp–burp”. Boy humor. 

Our Gobble shirts were a big hit with young and old. My children have reminisced about them for years. Use your imagination and make them suit your family’s personality and style. 




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