Crafts for Men: DIY Crafts for the “Manly” Men


Crafts for men, personally speaking, is something that actually confuses me. I mean, crafts is applied arts, and art is one of the universal forms of expressions. There’s no language barrier to it, so why do we have to put a gender on it?

Anyway, I’m just lawyering around. Everybody has their own opinion or something like that.

But truth be told, there are some guys who aren’t comfortable doing “girly” crafts, so we have listed some of the easy to make crafts for men, or for the “manly” men. Of course there are lots of non-crafty women out there and these could be their step into embracing the world of crafts as well. 

These involves hard materials, like cement, wood, etc. These will also require sawing things and nailing stuff with hammers.

Crafts for Men # 1: Book Secret Stash

Okay, firstly, I will not be responsible for whatever you’ll be hiding in this DIY stash. 

You could visit a thrift shop or a second hand bookstore (please do), and purchase one or more thick, hardbound books. Make sure to skim through the pages to make sure you’re not going to regret what you’re going to do next.

Use a ruler to mark .5 to 1-inch margin from the page’s edge. Make sure to leave at least 1/6 of the book in front so it will look like a normal book when initially opened.

The next thing you’re going to do is clip the pages you left in front and the subsequent pages separately. You then have to brush watered down glue (70:30 ratio) on the clipped pages’ edges.

When the glue dries up, cut the pages using a box cutter. Make sure to leave the margins untouched. This will compose most of the work.

When you have cut the pages, to the back cover (or until whatever you’re going to hide can fit in), you’re done! You can put felt on the hollowed part if you want.

You then can put it among the books in your bookshelf.

Crafts for Men # 2: Coat Hangers

If you have limited space, you can execute this by cutting tree branches (include the thicker protruding twigs) in equal parts.

The next thing you should do is to make a frame using wood panels. Make sure that the inside of the frame matches the cut branches’ height.

The final step is to attach the branches to the frame using super glue, wood glue, nails, or screws.

If you have a wider floor space and want to impress your guests with an antique-ish coat rack, you use a bigger tree branch.

Use a whole tree branch for this one. Make sure to scrape off the bark, especially if you’re working with redwood.

Look for a wooden base, and make the branch stand using additional wooden support. You can then paint it or apply varnish if you’re not satisfied with the wood’s natural look.

Crafts for Men # 3: Concrete Coasters

Perfect for your beer weekends!

Just pour cement and water mixture in a plastic cup until the desired height of the coaster. Wait for the mixture to dry (usually takes overnight).

Once it dries up, take the mixture out of the cup by cutting the cup using a cutter. Use sandpaper to smoothen the coasters.

Apply felt on the underside to avoid scratching delicate surfaces.

Crafts for Men # 4: Beer/Wine Caddy

These will go great with the concrete coasters for picnics.

For the beer caddy, you just need to cut wood as pictured below. Then you can apply varnish. Nail a bottle opener on the side, and then get some beer from the fridge.

Call your friends over  to show your newly-created beer caddy.

For the wine caddy, you’re just going to need a small wooden plank. Just cut a hole in the center of the plank big enough for the wine bottle’s neck to fit.

Finally, saw four slits on each edge and  one midway of each long side. These are where you can hang six wine glasses upside down. You won’t need this for a wine tasting party (do you do that?), but it will be perfect for picnics.

Did you love these crafts for men? Are you tough enough to make them? Share your thoughts in the comments.