These DIY Halloween decors will prove that you don’t have to break the bank to have the most spooktacular Halloween ever.

Usually, we go to the dollar store to save on our decorating and storage needs. The problem with these is that people (who also go to the dollar store) will notice where it came from.

I mean, there’s no shame in knowing how to save. But if you want to make those dollar store items to look like they came from a more expensive decor store, these DIY Halloween decors will be perfect.

Prepare to trick your guests into thinking you have a big budget for Halloween decors and to treat them with the most spooktacular Halloween party they’ve ever seen.

Vase of Skulls DIY Halloween Decors

I don’t know, but I think this is almost classy rather than spooky.

Gather some Spanish moss, plastic skeletons, and put them in a jar. That’s basically it.

Spray the skulls with black paint to create an even spookier look. However, it might not be seen if you’re going for moody lighting during the party.

You may remedy this by cutting a glow stick and applying some of its contents on the whole skull or its eye socket.

Read how to make the vase pictured above here.

Blood Dripped Candles DIY Halloween Decors

Oooohhh. Now, this one’s creepier than the black candles you usually decorate for Halloween.

And this one’s super easy to make. Just beware of the hot wax. You will need matches, some red candles, and a red candle.

To make the clean-up easier, lay wax paper or any kind of paper on your work area. After doing this, place the white candles on the paper.

Next, light the red candle and let the melted wax drip on the white candles. Make sure to cover most of the white candle from the top and that the drips are not too close to each other or the effect will be ruined.

Read a step-by-step tutorial here.

Dollar Store Mummy Hand Halloween Decors

Mummy hands are a versatile decor for Halloween. You can hang them, place them on furniture tops or make them look like they’re coming out of the ground.

The mummy hand pictured above was made using masking tape and gauze.

You don’t need to look far to find a mold. Use your own hand.

Stick pieces of masking tape in your hand until you have covered everything from your fingertips to your wrist. After this, cut the cast on the underside of your hands and carefully remove the tape.

After this, attach some more tape to stitch the parts you have cut. You can stuff the hand with cotton or strips of old clothes.

Cover the hands haphazardly with gauze to give a realistic mummy effect. It would be a good idea to dab some part of the gauze with cotton dipped in yellow or orange food color.

Make a bunch of these and place them in various places in your house to spook guests.

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