Celebrities everywhere are dropping down for the 22 push up challenge. We’ve seen this once before, but it seems that this fight to raise awareness may be going viral faster than it’s predecessor – The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

The 22 push up challenge is to raise awareness for the 22 veterans that take their lives every day. With the rising number of veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other trauma related illnesses as well as severe bodily injuries, the number of suicides has increased dramatically.

Many celebrities have decided to take part in the challenge to leverage their platform and social reach to spread this message of support for the brave men and women who sacrifice everything for our freedom. 

According to Mashable since the challenge started the number of suicides has actually dropped to 20 a day. The initiative started in 2014, and unlike the ALS ice bucket challenge, this challenge is about spreading the message – not just raising money. Collectively the challenge should be able to hit 22 million push ups!

It’s not always easy for those who are struggling to speak up, so these celebrities are making sure that the world is aware of their struggles, and to let them know that we are here to support them.

If you feel compelled by this message, take it upon your self to join the 22 push up challenge. It’s as easy as setting up a camera, announcing what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and who you are challenging. 

You may be thinking, “I’m not a celebrity, it wouldn’t make a difference”, Everyone has the ability to touch 1000’s of people through their social networks. You never know who is watching you, and who may be effected as a ripple effect of the decisions you are making.

If you support our troops, or better, if you care about humanity join the 22 pushup challenge and help raise awareness for veterans across our nation! : )

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