Hillary Clinton sure talks a good talk when it comes to Putin and Russia. She likes to make it seem like she’s drawing some hard line between the US and the Kremlin.  She’s quick to spout off inflammatory, antagonistic rhetoric that damages not only the relationship between Russia and America, but propaganda that could potentially affect the national security of the US at home. She almost immediately, seemingly without conscious thought, accuses them of cyber hacking. In the most notable case of the DNC hacks, members of her own party were conspiring against Hillary’s former Democratic contender, Bernie Sanders; in a bid to incite divide among his fan-base.  

Hillary is quick to accuse Trump of sympathizing with Russia and the likes of Putin.

On numerous occasions, Hillary has hurled countless unfounded, mis-characterizing charges at Trump, who is really at heart, more objective and neutral than Clinton.  All depending on her warm or cool attitude towards Russia. Perhaps this may just be a covert attempt to divert attention away from her own plans with the Kremlin.

When it suits the narrative, maybe it’s good business to be at odds with Russia.  And when it comes to Russia and business, Clinton knows a thing or two.

Crooked Clinton is hiding something Crooked Clinton speaking with Russian President, Vladimir Putin

Perhaps it has pleasantly escaped Clinton’s memory.  Back in 2009, in a bid to reset strained relations between the two countries, the creation of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission was born.  The result of the project was Skolkovo, which was spearheaded by Hillary herself on the American side and foreign minister Lavrov on the other. The goal of the initiative was “identifying areas of cooperation and pursuing joint projects and actions that strengthen strategic stability, international security, economic well-being, and the development of ties between the Russian and American people.”

In an attempt to attract foreign investors, some of Clinton Foundation’s most notable donors, like Google and Intel, answered the call and poured in over 1 billion to the cause.

Who benefited from the deal directly, was none other than Crooked Clinton.  Even more – this isn’t the only time the Democratic candidate has benefited from business dealings with Russia either.  In that same year, a recent controversial deal headed by Hillary Clinton, acting as Secretary of State, made her and her foundation millions of dollars. Uranium One, a company in which Russia expressed and still maintains a deep interest in, brokered a deal with Crooked Hillary in which one-fifth of all uranium production would be transferred to Russia.

The deal totaled over $2.35m.  Not to mention a slew of undisclosed amounts from anonymous donors and paid speeches for the company.  One in which she earned a whopping $500,000 for speaking!  At this point, are we really that surprised? It seems that, depending on the narrative, and if Clinton is receiving half a million of dollars for a speech, then Russia’s not all that bad an ally.

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