How to Mend Yourself After a Heartbreak


If you have ever experienced heartbreak, you understand the heavy, aching pain. In this place, we begin to view ourselves as broken souls. Although, what we don’t recognize is that this experience is actually mending us, fixing what we didn’t know was broken. We are rendered into the most wholesome and fearless versions of ourselves. 

Expanding the Heart

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and shaman by the name of Mark Naseck. On our call, Mark spoke with me about the experience of heartbreak. He explained how it may bring us closer to ourselves. According to Mark, as we experience disappointment and deceit in the human realm, we begin to seek connection to a higher source. We may evolve as spiritual beings and allow our hearts to expand and reach greater heights. Ultimately, we may begin to fall in love with ourselves and our lives, manifesting somebody to share them with.

Understanding Manifestation

Additionally, Mark went on to explain the concept of manifestation, stating that “Everything we manifest is a mirror of ourselves.” Whether the person we attract is a mirror of how we are now, or how we were in the past, a reflection of what we want to be, or what we fear to be, we must reflect and answer the following question. What is this person here to teach me about myself? 

Acknowledging Your Limitations

This got me thinking, what was this person in my life meant to teach me about myself? Upon reflection, I realized that I attracted somebody who was not committed to me because I was not committed to myself. I chose somebody who was not emotionally available to avoid the pain of love, only to attract more pain from this place of fear. We must accept these darker parts of ourselves so we may break old patterns that no longer serve us. Only then may we truly love ourselves and begin to seek people who are in our best interest. I challenge you to reflect and grow closer to yourself in this experience. 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”