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Kids are cute. We all know that. But you know what’s cuter? Kids singing (or trying to sing) our favorite songs.

Kids imitate adults, the way they sing, talk, treat others, and make choices. That’s why it’s so important for adults to keep that in mind. Fortunately, these three kids are imitating artists singing music, which is always good.

Here are three videos of kids singing songs by their favorite country stars.

Cute toddler singing Blake Shelton

Nobody does karaoke better than little Isabella.

This video starts with her asking “why can you videotape me?”, or something along those lines. Soon enough, she belts out Blake Shelton’s “Boys ‘Round Here,” singing the S-word and all.

Isabella gets louder and louder as the video goes on, almost like she gets more and more amped.

Nine-year-old girl singing The Band Perry

It’s great to see young kids set aside self-doubt and stage fright to share their talents with others. Sarah Hardwig, who was nine years old in this video, sang “All Your Life” by The Band Perry, complete with short vocal runs and attempted vibrato. Hardwig, who’s also blind, nails this song in front of her kindergarten class.

Four-year-old boy singing George Strait

Have you ever heard of a super fan? Well, that’s this kid. He’s a super fan of George Strait’s. Complete with a Strait-similar getup, this four-year-old, with full confidence, sing “You Can Do Anything Else,” Strait’s song from 2000.

This guitar-wearing cowboy doesn’t actually play the instrument, it’s mainly just for show. But, after you watch him also cover “You’ll Be There” and “So Much Like My Dad,” you’ll see that no matter what he’s wearing, he’s got the chops.If you have a video of your child or a child you know singing a country song, post it in the comments!

If you have a video of your child or a child you know singing a country song, post it in the comments!

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