Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson is a singer, author, speaker, and winner of American Idol (source: Billboard)

If Kelly Clarkson ever needs a new backup dancer, she should seriously consider her daughter, River Rose.

As a part of a cause to raise awareness for diabetes, Clarkson danced and posted it on Twitter. Why? Well, actress Melissa Peterman (star in “Reba”) nominated Clarkson to do this.

Clarkson really got into this challenge, and she got River involved too. Before the country singer could even announce what she was about to do, River started dancing excitedly. 

Before the two girls, both wearing crooked ball caps, broke into the Diabetes Dance Dare, Clarkson nominated every cast member of The Voice.

“That’s Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton. I’m gonna throw Gwen Stefani in there too, come on!” she said in the video. She later tweeted that she also dared The Voice host Carson Daly.

Then she reaches over to hit the play button and Salt N’ Pepa’s “Push It” begins pumped through the speakers.

“This is totally inappropriate for a two-year-old!” she shouts as they both start dancing.

The Diabetes Dance Dare (akin to the Ice Bucket Challenge) encourages everyone to take a stand. On their website, they state, “Every 23 seconds another American is diagnosed. Take the #DiabetesDanceDare.” As a DD dancer, you’re supposed to pick a song, film your dance, dare three other people, and then share and donate to the cause.

So let’s see if the aforementioned stars will answer the call.

Check out Kelly Clarkson and River Rose dancing in the video below! 

What has Kelly Clarkson been up to?

The Grammy Award winner and winner of American Idol has written a children’s book. It’s called (not surprisingly) “River Rose And The Magical Lullaby.”

Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson and her daughter, River Rose (source:

Her website describes the book as “an enchanting picture book that chronicles the night before an imaginative little girl’s first trip to the zoo. River Rose is so excited to see the animals and ride the carousel that she can’t fall asleep—until a magical lullaby from her mom sends her off on an amazing adventure. Soon River Rose is hopscotching with the hippos, slip-sliding with the penguins, and dancing with the big brown bears.

“It’s a rollicking, rhyming tale from America’s most beloved performer, recording star Kelly Clarkson.”

As for her music, her latest release was “Piece By Piece,” an album that Time says is a “victory lap.”

“In many ways,” the review says, “‘Piece By Piece,’ Clarkson’s first full studio album since 2011’s ‘Stronger,’ couldn’t be coming out at a better time.” It says that the album is “near one-note, like an album-length take on her platitudinal coronation song ‘A Moment Like This.’”

Whatever the case, Clarkson is standing up for the good in the world, unlike a lot of superstars.

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