Breakthrough: Teachers Discovered New Way to Help Teens Focus


Teachers in Minnesota are trying something new to manage classroom behavior. In order to help curb distractions, teachers are using what they’ve labeled, “social and emotional learning.” It’s starting to take effect nationwide, and become a global trend.

Throughout the Twin Cities, teachers are learning new training methods to incorporate mindfulness meditations into their curriculum. Teachers are constantly facing the challenge of teaching children whose hormones are rampant. Maybe the child is going through relationship problems. Or they are upset because of something that happened at home. There are a lot of challenges children face. And teachers are starting to teach meditation to help them cope in a healthy way.

Teachers Using Meditation to Help Kids Concentrate

That’s why some teachers are teaching meditation principles at the beginning and end of every algebra class. For brief periods of time, everyone sits in time out. Children close their eyes then remain silent and still. It’s a basic mindfulness exercise teachers are teaching.

It allows students to take breaks from the stress of daily life. Kids minds are often far from the classroom. This practice of a time-out helps students re-focus and relax so they can be more in tune during class.

Teachers are starting to understand that learning isn’t about the quantity but the quality. Through the use of mindfulness practice, they are teaching students how to focus within themselves so they can stop disrupting everyone around them. The hope is, as kids grow older they will take mindfulness practices into adult hood.

Other school districts are also starting to implement this trend. Schools in Minneapolis, Eastern Carver County are training teachers about the value of meditation. School systems are starting to help train students on emotional and social elements rather than just academics. It’s starting to make for more productive students who are happier!

Another school in Los Angeles was able to effectively eliminate gang violence from their school without the use of force. So much so, that within a couple of years the school went from daily fighting to not having a fight in 3 years. They claim meditation is the primary reason they’ve been able to successful change the safety of the school.

It would seem a lot of people are starting to wake up now and see the truth about meditation. With some effort and support, maybe we can see meditation incorporated into majority of our schools. It would be hard to argue against it with the results it’s getting across the country.

The Power of Personal Meditation

Teachers Use Meditation To Help Teens FocusI’ve personally been meditating for 5 years now. I know  thatwithout meditation I would never have remained sober or re-found my path in life. Meditation is one of those activities you can’t explain to people. Deep transcendental meditation can take you to places within yourself you never knew existed. Some of my greatest journeys in life have been through meditation.

I will say with full belief, if I was taught meditation in high school I would never have become addicted to drugs. Modern schools have previously taught children to focus on their failures.  Maybe it’s time we start focusing on the children and how special they are? You know – the positive things.  Teach them other important things, not just academics. Communication, emotional control and understanding, finances, and healthy coping strategies are all areas that would improve a child’s life. One thing is for certain, there is a lot of change happening in this world, consciousness is expanding and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Namaste to you all.