Donald Trump Speaks With Rand Paul

Trumps New Deal | Photo Credit Fox News While the fake news was reporting on Donald Trump playing golf for fun, he was actually setting up a chain of actions to help rebuild healthcare.

Rand Paul sent out a tweet that read: “I had a great time today with President Trump and believe we are getting closer to an agreement on health care!”

Donald Trump made it appear that he was ready to move on to the next subject, by anti-Trump Republicans quickly learned they needed to start working with him.

Republicans Can’t Just Walk Away

Fox News’ Byron York reports:

“Health care is not dead. Remember, after the first bill collapsed, Donald Trump said, “That’s it — I’m going on to tax reform.” But Republicans on Capitol Hill said, “Wait a minute. We can’t just walk away from this thing. We’ve been yelling about it for seven years.” So there’s been work going on continuously. I think we’ve seen a couple of things going. Obviously, Donald Trump is talking to Senate.

“That round of golf with Rand Paul [means] he’s threatening the House Freedom Caucus on Thursday in a Tweet. He threatened to issue Primary challenges for Freedom Caucus members who didn’t go along so you’re seeing a number of moving parts here and I think the President’s idea is that he has leverage over the Republicans because they can’t afford to walk away.”

Rand Paul Optimistic About Replacing Obamacare

Senator Rand Paul | Photo Credit MSNBC

According to the Daily Caller:

“Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul said he feels more “optimistic” about repealing and replacing Obamacare after a golf outing with President Donald Trump Sunday. Paul was highly critical of the House leadership-backed Obamacare repeal plan, which was pulled off the floor due to a lack of votes. He encouraged the conservative House Freedom Caucus, which was largely blamed for the bill’s derailment, not to support the measure — much to the dismay of the administration.”

“We had a great day with the president. Played some golf, and we talked and we talked about a little bit of health care. I continue to be very optimistic that we are getting closer and closer to an agreement on repealing Obamacare,” he said upon arriving back at the White House after playing at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.”

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