Frank Luntz Describes Obama’s Disrespect

Fox News Pollster Frank Luntz is following Obama’s final moves as he leaves office. Luntz calls these actions Obama’s FU Tour. According to the pundit, these acts of disrespect haven’t been seen since out-going Hoover threw a hissy-fit when Roosevelt took office. 

Most recently Obama slapped… 

Luntz and Trump | Photo Credit Political Insider

Israel in the face.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused President Obama of “colluding” against Isreal after the United States Security Council refused to veto a vote for building homes in “Palestinian” regions.

And then there was record-breaking…

President Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Prisoner Pardons

In addition to Obama’s strike against Israel, he’s also released a record-breaking number of prisoners, including known drug dealers. 

Prison Cell Block| Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Transferring Terrorists From Guantanamo Bay

President Obama has also been trying to close Guantanamo Bay in the last year of his presidency. If done, this means releasing enemy combatants.

At the same time, he is…

Guantanamo Bay | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Sanctioning Russia

Obama is trying to “box-in” President-elect Donald Trump. Obama has announced sanctions against Russia in response to the alleged cyberattacks. This could potentially create trouble for the incoming administration. 

Moscow, Russia | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Luntz on Obama’s Actions:

“What he has said about Hillary Clinton and her campaign and drawing that contrast. What he has done to Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. There are people that he has had political difficulties with—and by the way, Republican members of the House and Senate—the people who he’s disagreed with over the last eight years. He’s gone to great pains to draw a contrast between the things that he says and the things that they have done that makes me think he’s trying to settle scores before he leaves. And that’s not presidential.”

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