Hugh Jackman Swears Transcendental Meditation Changed His Life


It’s more than relaxing according to Jackman. Meditation is becoming more and more popular for helping people heal and transform. The experience of transcendental meditation has a much deeper effect then regular relaxation. It’s too bad more people aren’t trying it. It’s not as hard to transcend as people make it out to be. The world is only now starting to accept transcendental meditation on a global scale.

The art is as ancient as people. It’s been around since people have been and is one of the oldest traditions in history. Transcendental meditation will help you achieve the highest point of humanity possible according to Jackman. Even modern science now confirms the powerful effects meditation has on the body and mind. The brain is physically changed after meditation is practiced for a long enough period of time.

What Does Meditation Do?

Meditation will illicit several powerful responses. For one it gives the practitioner a deep sense of well being. The art helps to create relaxation that is much deeper than regular relaxation. It turns out that deep meditation may be more beneficial than actual sleep.

Along with relaxation and rest, meditation also helps with inner peace. Happiness is a character trait of the most successful people. Through the practice of meditation, people release endorphins and decrease the level of stress hormones they release. Inner peace and happiness is yet one more reason to practice meditation on a daily basis.

Lastly, deep meditation will lead to increased brain development. The effects of meditation on the brain are even measurable through the use of a machine to measure EEG brain waves. They show un-disputable proof that meditation has incredibly powerful effects on the physical matter of the brain.

Why is Transcendental Meditation so Popular?

What Does Meditation Do?Transcendental meditation helps to release the impulsive nature of thought as well. It brings with it a profound inner silence. It’s a natural process that is completely effortless but full of countless rewards. When the mind transcends space and time, the body instantly achieves a deep state of relaxation as well. It’s far more beneficial and gratifying then sleep so it seems.

The benefits of meditation vs sleep can be measured through monitoring a practitioner’s oxygen consumption. A Harvard Medical School Research Study showed that during deep transcendental meditation, the body is at a deep state of rest.

The state is more than twice as deep as even the deepest moments of sleep. Transcending gives you the rest needed to dissolve the internal issues that are causing stress. It heals the problems at the base of the matter, deep in the unconscious mind. It also helps to improve normal sleep and general stress you’ll face on a daily basis.

Real meditation is simple, easy and effortless. The experience of transcending the body and mind is an experience that can’t be put into words. Hugh Jackman, attributes a lot of his success to deep periods of transcendental meditation. It’s a unique journey within the self to achieve complete inner silence.

Transcendental meditation is about letting go. The more we try to achieve the state of inner peace, the more the mind reacts in a negative way. David Lynch is another practitioner of transcendental meditation.

Even Lynch says plain and simple, “Transcendental meditation is the secret of success.” I suggest you start practicing transcendental meditation yourself. Just do 20 minutes of deep focused breathing in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon to see dramatic results in a very short period of time.