Emotional Frenzy Over Election

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If you have seen or heard any type of news over the last three days, then you probably know about the emotional frenzy that is happening among Hillary supporters over the election of Donald Trump as our nation’s 45th President. Cases of extreme anxiety, sadness, and post-traumatic stress disorder have been reported on college campuses around the country. This folks, is what failed liberal education policies looks like.

An economics professor at the once prestigious (it is obviously not prestigious anymore), Yale University agreed to make the final exam optional after many students wrote in about how upset they were that Trump won the election. Petitions to cancel classes have garnered hundreds of signatures at colleges such as Bryn Mawr, Johns Hopkins, and Loyola. An instructor at Cleveland State encouraged her students to dress warm and go on strike.

Many schools are offering free counseling, meditation classes, hot chocolate and blankets, and some are even offering pet therapy. If we could only get this kind of help for those facing real mental health issues.

Are We Crippling Our Nation By Creating Emotional Hemophiliacs?

I am not sure what is more alarming, the fact that teachers are posing as mental health counselors or that college students, actual adults, need to be coddled and consoled because they did not get their way. I suppose both are equally alarming. And both are the result of a decade of failed liberal education policies that have done nothing more than turn young adults into emotional hemophiliacs.

They are literally basking in the glow of self-absorbed ignorance.

In all reality, they may be suffering from mental health issues. Issues that no doubt stem from leftist ideologies such as political correctness, safe spaces, and participation trophies.

Based on their current attitudes and behaviors, many could be diagnosed as having anti-social personality disorder, they could be suffering from paranoid delusions or, according to the Mayo Clinic, they may have narcissistic personality disorder whose sufferers “have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others”. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism”. Sounds about right.

The Legacy of the Left

adversity-does-not-reveal-characterThe bigger problem is that the left has turned many of our colleges and universities into glorified daycare centers. They are more interested in telling story time fairytales than they are with actually educating. Real education is taboo. Revisionist history, White Privilege 101, and the Five Pillars of Islam classes are now offered in place of the traditional classes that actually gave students an opportunity to learn and grow into successful, well-adjusted adults.

Instead of teaching these infantile ego-maniacs that in the real world sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, they have been taught that if you want it you should have it.

They are spoiled, entitled, and emotionally handicapped. The legacy of the left will be that thousands of college students will have a four or six-year degree that will qualify them to be nothing more than the CEO’s of their self-created fantasy-lands.

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