For our second article in the series, The Craft Greek provides you with fall crafts to get you in the Autumn spirit. If you missed our first article, you can read it here.

Autumn leaves are special because of their varying colors ranging from yellow, orange, red, to brown.

There are various ways to preserve the state of these leaves so they can last longer while retaining that same, bright shade. 

A lot of crafter also like to make skeleton leaves, and dye them to be used for various fall crafts.

Skeleton leaves can also be made for your party table arrangements, as bookmarks, or greeting card adornment.

You can decide how you want to preserve the look of the leaves, or if you don’t want to preserve them. Once you’ve decided, you can make them in the various listed below.

Leaf Roses

These leaf roses can be made as a Thanksgiving centerpiece for your dining table, or simply a living room ornament. You can also glue a bunch of these to a ring to make a wreath.

Paint them or apply glitters and you can use them as decor for various occasions. You can also make these using cornhusks.

Leaves Garland

For this fall craft, you have two options: one is to wax the leaves and the other is to coat the leaves with glitters. You can also paint some of the leaves with gold paint.

The process is very easy after that. You just have to tie the leafstalks to a string and you’re done. Another way to do this is by punching holes on the leaves and gathering them on a string.

Adding acorns and pine cones are also a good idea. When Thanksgiving season is over, just add red Christmas ornaments and you can use them for the rest of year.

Leaf Lanterns

One of the most popular Fall crafts idea. Mason jars lanterns or paper lanterns can be made even better by fall leaves.

For the mason jar lanterns, it will be best to use skeletoned or fabric leaves. Simply apply mod podge on a mason jar and decoupage the leaves. If you’re using fabric leaves, make sure to remove the plastic veins.

Let the mod podge dry overnight and apply a second coat of mod podge.

For our paper lantern, you will be needing wax paper, cardboard, and glue.

Using the cardboard, create a base (you decide what shape) for the lantern. After that, lay a piece of wax paper on the floor. Make sure the wax paper is as long as the base you used.

Glue leaves on the wax paper and press the second sheet on top of them. You can put books above it to achieve a flat look.

After letting it dry, attach the wax paper on the base you made.

Leaf Bowl

This thing can also be done using lace or paper. All you need are a balloon, leaves, and hard drying glue.

Note: Don’t wax the leaves before doing this.

After inflating the balloon, find something where you can let it stand securely (bowls, bucket, etc.) Apply glue to the balloon and attach the leaves.

Keep on adding leaves until the bowl is as big as you want it to be. Just follow your usual papier mache steps. Let it dry.

After drying, detach the bowl from the balloon. Coat with Acrylic spray finish. You may also opt to paint the inside of the bowl with gold or another color.

You can fill these with candies and other goodies.

Be sure to check out our next two articles to get you inspired to start working on your fall crafts!

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