DIY crafts using egg cartons are very popular on Pinterest and some other craft-related websites.

This made me conclude that we consume a lot of eggs. Who can we blame? Breakfast (and some of our favorite pastries) will not be complete without eggs.

Most of us buy eggs by the dozen, and after putting the eggs in their designated tray in the refrigerator, the egg carton ends up in the dumpster.

But maybe, after reading this article about DIY crafts using egg cartons, you will be saving those egg cartons for your craft projects.

A particular egg carton project that can be used in many ways is the eggs carton flower. These carton flowers can be painted with different colors to suit different uses.

Put them on a piece of wire or stick, add faux leaves, and you can simply arrange them in a vase.

You could also get a small tree branch and put the egg carton flowers on some of the smaller branches or twigs. This can make a good centerpiece or living room decor.

Learn how to make carton roses here.

Once you have learned how to make roses out of egg cartons, you are now ready to make these DIY crafts using egg cartons:

DIY Crafts Using Egg Cartons: Lamps

For a fancy lamp using an egg carton, you will need egg carton roses, glue gun, and string lights.

The first thing you need to do is to make multiple rings by gluing some egg cartons together. Stack and glue these rings together to create your lamp.

Poke holes into the center of each paper roses, and insert the string lights’ bulb one by one in these holes. For a full tutorial, read here.

If you want to use this as a pendant lamp, form the rings by stringing the lamps with a sturdy wire. This is to make sure that the flowers won’t fall down.

You can also just arrange and glue different pieces of egg carton flowers on a paper lamp if you want to make an easy lamp.

Cover the paper lamp entirely to create a pretty mood lighting for your room.

DIY Crafts Using Egg Cartons: Frames

Transform an old frame by gluing different sized egg carton flowers all over the frame. You could also just attach the egg carton flowers on the areas you want.

You may also use this method to cover the frames of different fixtures such as mirrors and clocks.

Leave the natural color of the egg cartons or color them to complement the fixture you are going to frame.

DIY Crafts Using Egg Cartons: Mobiles

I mean, mobiles aren’t only for kids.

Paint your egg carton flowers with complementing colors and string them using yarn. Make many of these in same or varying lengths.

The number of egg carton flowers and the spacing will be up to you. Tie these strings on a rod and hang it on your ceiling or wall.

You could also just pin or hang each individual string on various portions of your ceiling.

Tip: Tie the string of egg cartons close to each other to create a curtain or room divider.

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