For bibliophiles, these DIY Crafts with old books might take a lot of effort. Not in the actual making of the craft, but in deciding which books to part with. 

Actually, they might even refuse to make these. But for people who are not attached to books this much, you can do this in just a few easy steps.

Tip: Go the a local thrift bookstore and look for old, cheap books. Hardbound books will work best for these DIY crafts with old books.

DIY Crafts with Old Books #1: Succulent Planters

For this particular project, you will need to carve a rectangular or square hole in the book. Use a box cutter to cut out the pages of the book. Stop when you are satisfied with its depth. For a more detailed tutorial, you may visit scoutmob.

This will be perfect for both real and fake succulents. If you want a small plant that needs to be watered regularly, just place a plastic planter on the hole you carved on the book.

DIY Crafts with Old Books #2: Coat Rack


This DIY coat rack using old books and hooks will be perfect for a librarian’s or any booklover’s home. Follow the instructions on Knick of Time Interiors.

DIY Crafts with Old Books #3: Spell Books

Perfect for Halloween, theme parties, or if you just want a spell book (even if it doesn’t work).

This craft project can also be done with blank journals or photo albums.

You just need glue and a water solution, brush, some tissue paper, and paint. Using the brush, apply glue to the book cover and stick the pieces of tissue paper.

Intentionally make creases while gluing the tissue paper. Apply a border by crumpling pieces of tissue paper, dipping them in the glue solution, and attaching them to the sides of the border.

You can attach plastic creepers or skulls and top them with layers of tissue paper.

After the glue has dried, paint the cover with black or brown paint first. Apply a second coat of gold of gold paint in some areas using light strokes.

DIY Crafts with Old Books #4: Knife holder

The one pictured above is from A Sweet Potato Pie.

This DIY craft idea is actually pretty straightforward. Just tie a group of books together and that’s it!

Haha. No. if you really want to make it functional, it would be best to follow these tips:

  • This would work best if you’re going to make this for knives with plastic blade covers. 
  • It will be ideal if you will carve rectangles where the knives would fit. This will be the slots. If you are more patient, carve the outlines of the knives from the pages.
  • Brush glue and water solution on the side of the closed book after carving the knife slots.
  • Apply mod podge or any NON-TOXIC sealant or coat on the outside of the book. Make sure that the book cover or the pages does not have molds growing on them.
  • Wipe your knives dry before putting them on the knife holder.

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