How to Grill a Rib-Eye


Kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, medium rare…no need to over-think this one. You bought this delicious hunk of meat, now your job is to not screw it up! Rib eye steaks are a pretty forgiving cut of meat, believe it or not. The fat marbling contained in a ribeye steak makes for a very flavorful and juicy steak without a lot of effort. When buying ribeyes, I like to skip the shelves and go straight to the butcher’s counter to get a steak that is an inch to an inch and a half thick. Thicker steaks allow you to create a great crust on the outside while cooking them to a perfect medium-rare on the inside (you wouldn’t ruin that nice steak by over-cooking to well-done, would you??). The biggest thing to keep in mind when grilling steak is that you can always throw it back on the grill if it isn’t done enough, but you can’t reverse an over-cooked steak. So err on the side of rare and sear that steer over high heat. Let’s get to it.

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Chef Jesse Griffiths of Austin’s Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club teaches us how to perfectly grill a ribeye steak.