Jep Robertson has is considered many things by the Robertson family and Duck Dynasty fans, but poor is not one of them.

Jep Robertson (source: Duck Commander) He’s known as the baby of the family, or the “little sister,” as his brothers lovingly call him. He’s the one who can’t act. He’s the wimpy one. He’s the one whose food truck is failing.

But after looking at his net worth, you quickly realize you cannot call him poor or lazy.

He was born Jules Jeptha Robertson on May 28, 1978, and he’s the youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson. Phil founded Duck Commander in 1972, later putting his son Willie in charge of things and watching the company grow to a million-dollar company.

Duck Commander makes duck calls, and one key factor to making those calls is Jep. Not only did he record and edit the family’s early hunting videos, which is what help land them the Duck Dynasty deal, he plays a critical role as one of the employees in the duck manufacturing room at the company.

Jep and his wife, Jessica (photo by

As one of the stars of Duck Dynasty, which was conceived with the growth of Duck Commander, Jep has grown quite a following. His charisma and personability was apparent to producers because he and his family now have a spinoff show called Jep & Jessica: Growing The Dynasty, which is setting out to “chronicle the lives of Jep and Jessica Robertson and their five children,” as the show’s website says.

Throw all of this value into one bubbling pot of opportunity, and you get a net worth of $8 million. 

You could buy a whole fleet of food trucks with that amount of money. But let’s hope he doesn’t. One seems to be enough for him for now.

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