Fashion Mistakes That Grandparents Should Avoid to Look Younger

By Emerson C. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-12-03

Fashion is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, and each generation makes its own fashion statements. But there are some things better kept to ourselves.

Though many mature adults wish to hide their age by dressing young, or the opposite, stick with what’s worn comfortable for decades, the desire doesn’t always match the outcome. There are some fashion mistakes you can avoid, keeping your look fresh, while retaining your dignity.

Grandparent's Fashion is never out of style
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Color Choice

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Source Credit: Adobe Stock

In decades past, flowing pastels and heavy florals made groovy statements, but today’s trends shy away from shades that wash out skin tones. Classic solids, accentuated with a touch of patterned fabric for vibrancy, make an elegant, yet understated alternative.

Jewel tones such as, emeral green, sapphire blue, ruby red, or violet purple, tend to brighten the skin, energizing most tones. Staying with a neutral black, brown, white, or gray, accessorized with a jewel tone, makes a positive fashion statement at any age. 

Trendy Glasses

Not all people are gifted with good eyesight as they age. If you must wear reading glasses, avoid dangling strings from your neck, or pocket protector shirt holders. Opt to wear invisible frames or colored rims resting on your head in a chic manner. Don’t be afraid to play with colors — even a fun touch of neon embellishment in moderation can enhance a youthful, energetic look.

Paint it Black

Black is a good shape trimmer and fits appropriately with almost every outfit, but worn improperly can actually make you look older. Add a bright scarf, belt, or shoes to your wardrobe, and draw attention away from crow’s feet. Color gives the impression of a happier mood, which takes years off your look. 

Ill-Fitting Bras

Make sure your bra fits you properly. Choosing the right size of bra will help you lift and smoothen your chest. Nothing ages a woman faster than gravity left unchecked. 

Jersey Fabric

Clothes made from jersey fabric may be comfortable to wear, but they don’t shape to the body well. This clingy fabric hugs the skin, but it does not highlight your best assets. Try a fabric that provides more structure like a nice double-knit. Denser quality fabrics that still offer comfort are often a good choice.

Shopping Buddies

Buying clothes in the junior section is not a wise idea. Your teenage granddaughter may look cute in a floral patterned neon dress, but the latest trends aren’t cut for mature body types. Shop for classic and elegant styles that speak dignity without the frump — looks that make you trend setter in your generation, not someone drawing attention to his/her age because your clothers seem out of place. 

What celebrities of your generation currently wear clothes and accessories that give them a youthful and energetic appearance?

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