A Guide To The Healthiest Soup Recipes For All Seasons


They say the bowl is the new plate. When we make sure it’s full of nutritious ingredients, we need nothing else but a good, crusty bread. Eating healthy. Soup anyone?

eating healthy soup

Most of our moms and grandmas would say a good soup starts with a homemade base. And that means boiling a chicken or beef bones until all their goodness has been infused into the water. If we’re vegetarians, we make our best veggie stock.

Soup dates all the way back to Genesis when Esau came in from the field, famished, and asked his brother Jacob for a bowl of red lentils. Although that exchange didn’t go so well, I bet the soup was delicious. 

Nearly every culture has its soup–French onion, Russian borscht, Jewish matzah ball, Chinese wonton, Italian minestrone, and even New England clam chowder. Yes, my friends living in Maine say they have their own culture. 

Many believe the healthiest soups are heavy on garden veggies and herbs and low on meats but if we have tummy troubles, we all reach for chicken noodle.

My grandkids love soup and it’s a good thing since I make it year round. Are you ready to add more soups to your menu?

A soup for all seasons

eating healthy soup


Healthy soups for springtime: Choose one of these yummy bowls as you leave off with the cold and prepare for summer.

Summer soups that help beat the heat: Have you tried tomato gazpacho or melon?

Autumn soups warming toward winter: In the fall, we start preparing for the holidays. If we have hearty soups waiting in the freezer, we’ll have time to spare with no skimping on nutrition. 

Winter wonderland with soup on hand: Choose a wide variety of soups and stews to warm your grandkids when the cold comes round again.

The wackiest soup I know is stone soup. Most of our children probably made it in school and it’s sure to come up with our grands.

Do you remember the story? Hungry travelers trick some stingy villagers into bringing ingredients to drop into their soup. They start with a pot of water and a stone–which is their contribution. Consequently, by the time each passerby had dropped something into the pot, there’s a hearty soup for all.

Eating healthy is a breeze when it comes to the soup pot. What are some of your favorites?